Rand Paul Aims to Kill "Indefinite Detention" in DoD bill!

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  1. http://tncampaignforliberty.org/wor...aims-to-kill-indefinte-detention-in-dod-bill/

    URGENT! Senate Moves To Allow Military To arrest/hold Citizens W/O trial Vote Mon or Tues - Page 13

    Call your representatives! Fight for fucks sake!

  2. I did too. Although I had to give that Bitch Kay Bailey Hutchinson my number so now she is going to call me all time and sell my number to telemarketers. :mad:
  3. I used my company's cell phone #. ;)
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rghhz_t5POo]Sen. Rand Paul Defends American Citizens Against Indefinite Detainment - YouTube[/ame]
  5. [​IMG]

    If your local dumbass voted Nay, be sure to tell them they will not be getting your vote next election.
  6. Ok i'm Canadian and haven't heard of this bill. Clicked the link and read a bit.

    Am I to understand that this bill would empower the U.S military to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial? Isn't that a blatant violation of your constitution? I mean obviously they took liberties with the Patriot Act, this just seems a little too bald-faced.
  8. Insert: Jingoism, "terrorist" and "terrorism" threat here. All of which supersede our Constitution, apparently... even though it's not even a real "threat".

    Welcome to 1984.
  9. Wait, is Rand Paul for this bill?

  10. He was for the ammendment, which would have protected our constitutional rights. The bill itself is a big ole pile of bullshit.

  11. oh ok I see now that I re-read it. I was like, "wtf Rand! Learn something from your dad already!" :laughing:
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    This might be a good time to note that
    only one GOP and one independent voted YES, all the other yes votes are Dems.

    Both parties are not the same.

    GOP is WAY more evil than the Dems.

    Dems have issues, but NOT like the GOP.

    Both my senators voted yes:)

  13. How is it that stinky, MJU & Budsmok and I agree on liking this!!

    Someone take note the time and date!

  14. Depends if King Obama remembers he can Veto the bill. It's up to him now...
  15. Likely response from Obama.
    "But my MIC donors, they may be upset *ahem* I mean the Republicans are putting too much pressure. I must clearly let it pass, even though I vehemently oppose it. "
  16. Israel demands the bill be enacted.

    Onwards with strikes on Iran! :devious:

  17. I'm not holding my breath he'll "do the right thing". *cough* GITMO *cough*

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