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Ran out of Papers so I have to use this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KhanGGura, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I just ran out of papers earlier today and I dont want to go and buy some this late at night, so I improvised and made this. All i have to do is put some water and or ice and smoke a couple bowls :p :smoke::hello:

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  2. The fuck
  3. Ehhh, how does it hit?
  4. Looks like a dildo.:cool:
  5. its an apple bong... i dont know how well it will work but hey whatever floats your boat
  6. My first thought.
  7. i'm hoping that those 2 straws don't meet in the middle.. cause if so you just made a device that flavors your water like apple, bro.
  8. Nah, and they're pens that iv hollowed out. The way it works is that there is one hole straight down the middle for the smoke to enter the glass. Then there is a hole about half way up next to the "bowl" hole and i made another hole on the side to meet meet this hole to inhale through. Pulls nice.
  9. Hey I bet its better than usin a pop can. :D
  10. I dobut it actually bubbles, the mechanics of it dont seem right unless that mouth piece goes down intothe glass.
  11. It does bubble lol.
  12. Light up, bro.
    glass is always better though!
  13. Well then that would mean the glass would fill with smoke how do you carb it?
  14. It is glass ;) I had a bong, but it broke :(
  15. not bad. how do you carb/pull the slide to clear it? haha
  16. I forgot about the carb so I just made another hole to act as the carb.
  17. bro just make a gbong. get high off .2
  18. milk shot!!!
  19. Ugh.

    $10 on that gram of mids but not $5 on a spoon?

    I would be embarrassed unless at a party or something.

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