ran into a little problem

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jfresh420, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. i put my plants outside my moms window on the roof bc thats where the sun shines the longest but i cant figure out a way to water them bc i have to climb out my window and walk across the roof and i dont want my grandparents seeing me and me get in trouble..oh and also her window looks right over them but she has a air conditioner right in the god damn window..i have a 5 gal bucket of water up there too if someone has an idea what i could do with that to help watering
  2. Holy shit that gives me the best idea ever.
    If you have a roof that has some depression somewhere in the middle like this:
    |\_/| roof level
    |_o| o = door or something im not artistic
    Then in that depression grow your weed there. No smell, a lot of sunlight, only problem is you need a really big depression or that weed will go over the top and be seen by neighbors!
  3. Make like harry potter and teleport to da roof.

  4. im confused:confused_2:..idc about smell..my mom knows i smoke and knows i have 3 planted outside her window..she dont cuuuuuuur..but i dont want my Grandparents seeing or hearing me walking on the roof..

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