ran from the cops!

Discussion in 'General' started by LS1KILR, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. yea me and some guys were out racing on the interstate and on the way back there was a cop with his lights flashing waiting for us. When we passed by he pulled out onto the interstate to catch us and we all took off. There were about 6 or 7 cars with us. I was scared as shit because im on probation and had weed in the car. So we were all doing like over a hundred and the cop was trying to get through traffic chasing us but we got away. I was paranoid as hell on the way back because thfere were cops everywhere and I thought they were looking for us. I was so lucky to get home! Crazy night!
  2. Don't you mean you DROVE from the cops. Just givin you shit man. Crazy story.
  3. thats great mang. i was at my lunchtime smokin spot today eatin lunch, smokin a bowl and readin fear and loathing when a pig just rolls up in the middle of no where and starts askin what im doin. said just chillin eatin some whoppers. i had a pipe and some nugs already kicked on the floor under my seat. i stunk and had red eyes but his dumb ass just says "ok just wonderin, i eat here too. ill give ya some privacy" and drives off. sometimes its too easy to trick pigs.
  4. well let just hope you learned a lesson.
  5. Yeah that was your "get out of jail free" card. You don't get too many of those in life.
  6. what kinda car were u in
  7. my car is 03 mustang gt with built motor, vortech supercharger, and nitrous as well as other mods...
  8. yea i know, i dont think ill be street racing anytime soon again.....too risky!
  9. Sick.
  10. I've always wanted to be in a fast and the furious style things like that lol.... Nice...
  11. Yeah I tried running once... didn't work out like I planned.... long story... oh and i could have and almost did, cuz I was in my turbo'd rx7
  12. yea thats what I thought too until it actually happened and then it all hits you that this is real and you could possibly be getting locked up, fined hundreds of dollars, and having your liscense suspended....:eek:.....but yea it was fun knowing that we ran from the police but if I had been caught I would have been wishing I had stayed at the house that night....
  13. you don't think the cop took your license plate down?
  14. ive ran from the cops a few times and from the sounds of his car its about as fast as my bike,so cop doent have alot of time to "write anything" but no cops dont write licences plates down, unless they run them before they light you up.
  15. yeah ive had a get out of jail free card...crazy story cop rolled up when we were rolling the shit and had a descent amount on us...patted us down....asked me what that was.....my cell phone....didnt empty my pocket....luckiest shit in the world
  16. It was 11:30 at night with mild traffic and he was sitting on the side of the interstate when we all passed by doing about 80mph. I dont think he saw it. Then when he pulled out onto the interstate we just punched it and he was too far back and wasnt going fast enough to catch up, plus he had to get through traffic.....

  17. Yeah, after I got asked by 4 sheriffs to search my car while I had an open container, a gram of cocaine in my pocket, and a bottle of prescription drugs in my bag and yet, managed to get away unscathed, I pretty much decided it was time to stop testing my luck... :p
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  19. Yea man as long as you have the car for it, most cops around here back off around 180 km. Just don't fuck anybody up lol.

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