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  1. Aerobooger, where have you been hiding?

    All that crying you did when my Saints whipped the Rams in mid season. And Now, they are a 14 point favorite in the Big Game.

    Let's hear you brag on your team!
  2. no dammit, the rams are EVIL. I was once an saints fan but now i find it depressing.....
  3. Am a Saints fan,but am really glad that even though they won't be there, at least 3 local guys, 2 Rams & 1 Pat will get to play in the BIG game at "home" in the Dome!
  4. The Rams kicked ass all season and now it comes down to the final game where we will prove ourselves once again that we are the greatest.

  5. Kicked ass, my ass!

    Who cried like baby when the rams got outsmoked by the Saints EARLY in the season?*LOL*
  6. MUAHAHAHAHA i had the voodoo doll out and i was about to break the leg, but i figured that would be extreme. So i went for the thumb instead. The saints didn't win, but at least the rams didn't either. Its a crock that brady's goin to the pro bowl though.
  7. It was fixed. This years superbowl finally convinced me that professional sports are just as fixed and predetermined as professional wrestling. All the stars-n-stripes, red-white-n-blue, and how fitting the team known as the "Patriots" would win it all during these trying times of war and terrorism. It couldn't have happened any better unless it was scripted, because it was scripted. I believe the game was fixed and will never watch the NFL with the same emotions again.

    My biggets memory of the game was watching those million Pepsi commercials and then they went to a close-up of Paul Taglibue in the commisioner's skybox. Guess what he was pouring into a glass? Coca Cola! And then Pat Summerall mentioned that the commisioner was drinking an all-american soda! Do you think Pepsi is going to ask the NFL and Fox for some refunds!
  8. Ya sound a little bitter there Poppa!

    Blame it on the prevent defense! That is the stupidest thing to do in football! How many defeats have been snatched from the jaws of victory by the prevent defense!?

    But I thought U2 kicked ass! That was the best halftime show I've ever seen! Of course, that ain't saying much, but it was still good!

    Don't get bitter Poppa!

    Being a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I can help you Rams fan's thru this difficult time by invoking that hallowed team motto heard ringing thru-out Arrowhead Stadium;

    "JUST WAIT TIL' NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!"
  9. I'm not bitter, I just thought the outcome was a little too "perfect" to be true. You know the old saying "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is!"

    I didn't watch U2, I watched the playmates eat strawberries in a big glass jar full of a thousand houseflys instead.
  10. ive finally recovered (but my wallet hasn't, $200 plus $50 at superbowl party) oh well, i came to the same conclusion that the game was fixed (because blaming an MVP is cynical)

    fear factor was the only nice thing about that night.

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