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Ramen Noodles With Weed (Fast way to COOK Weed)

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Hazed, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Yo I found this at a diff mj forum, posting it so you guys can try it out. I did it today with 3.8 grams of decent middies and I was extremely blazed out of my mind.

    First off, you want to go to the store and get some Ramen Noodles. They cost 30 cents a pack so it shouldn't be a strain on any budget.

    When you get ready to cook, bring water in a pot to a medium boil. You don't want it spraying all over the place. Also: Don't use too much water! Two cups will probably be sufficient for now, and if you need more then just add more in later. Take the amount of weed you want to cook with (usually use slightly more than the amount needed to get high by smoking). Chop up the weed as fine as you can get it.

    You will also need butter of course. A rule I use that seems to work every time is to get an amount of butter that looks about the same size as the amount of weed you have. Then, get more butter (about half as much as you have now) and add it to your butter pile. So you will probably have two piles, one of weed and one of butter. Add both to the boiling broth. You might also consider adding in other spices like oregano, garlic, or other greenish spices in case people get nosey; you could just tell them it's oregano or whatever. Plus the spices will mask any smell that's produced by cooking.

    You'll want to boil it for at least 20 minutes, but the longer you can the better. If you have time to boil for a while, boil the weed until it's totally brown. If it's mostly brown though, then you should be alright. Now plop the ramen noodles into the boiling water and stir and cook for about 5 minutes. Pour out all contents into a bowl (including the weed, don't strain it out you might as well eat it) and add in as much of the Ramen seasoning as you'd like.

    It actually tastes quite good, although a tad buttery. The Ramen Flavoring does a good job of covering up any nasty weed-tasting gunk in the soup. Just eat it all, sit back and wait. In about 1-2 hours you will be *quite* messed up, depending on how much weed you used. I usually use about 2 bowls worth of kind bud, and I get pretty far out there.

    This is a great recipe for a few reasons:
    One, it doesn't cost much at all.
    Two, cooking with such a small amount doesn't really stink up the house so you can do it if your parents are around.
    Three, it gets you pretty damn stoned.
  2. hah thats fucking sweet! Im korean, so i have tons of spicy ones mmmmm weed ramen hahahah
  3. im going to try this man, ramen noodles are the shit when your stoned an broke :D
  4. Dude that's tight. I'm gonna have to try that sometime.
  5. Nice dude, I'll have to try that tomorrow.

    Holy shit though, you said you ate almost 4g! That's quite a bit. I'll probably try it with like .7g or something like that.
  6. Wow, thats freakin awesome. I'm spreadin the word to my boys.
  7. yeah im a beast, plus people kept saying if you eat too much youll get too high and sick.. and well I wanted to see if itd happen to me because I never get "too high"
  8. Dude, thats awesome. I always wanted to cook with weed, but i'm too afraid of stinking up the house. I think i'll do this sometime soon.
  9. Thats Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Ramen Kicks ass! Especialy chicken flav. A great quick muchie if you nuke it, never thought of putting weed in it though. Gotta try that sometime! As long as i don't have to put 4 g's in it though.:rolleyes:
  10. wouldnt the water kill the thc?
  11. if i dont add spices, does it smell like weed real bad or just slightly
  12. Slightly.

    And popsson no water doesnt kill thc, wtf?
  13. Yeah, I read this exact recipe before! I'm waiting til the beginning of March, after I get my job at the bank, to get MEGA-blown, and judging from the responses in the original thread from the other message board, 9 pages of replys give it 2 thumbs waaay up and say it messes you up more than out of a blunt/bowl/bong......and I have such looooow tolerance 'cause I smoke once every week or two....so I'll take a break for a month and make 4 grams of weed-Ramen between 3 people, get 10 times more baked then I would smoking a blunt and WAAAY more since I took a month break and built down the lowest of my low tolerance......MMM!!!!

    ....and I read about the set and setting, and how trying new high experiences gets you higher, because youre opposing the montony of toking in the exact same mundane manner you always do, so I'd be trying something newer with more weed then I've ever bought! I'll even copp some quality dank 60-30 bud, I'm hoping this should be my most trippy/stoned experience EVER!!!!!

    Excuse my excitement, Peace!
  14. Another good share from hazed. +rep :)
  15. what do you mean wtf? thc isnt water soluble, it was a very logical question.
  16. water doesnt destroy thc, although thc isnt water soluable.

    No, it doesnt. The thc is absorbed in the butter and the buttery water mixture is drunk and you get stoned the end
  17. dude i gotta try this! ramen noods are already orgasmic by themselves! oh man with the taste of weed and butter in it...let's just say i gotta do some laundry later...:D
  18. Man you should put mozzarella cheese on top of some ramen
    its so good man hahaha
  19. this might sound a tad bit retarded, but i have a 1/8th of an ounce, my bro let me get it for free, and i was thinking, since THC is heat activated, can i boil just the weed in the water and inhale the steam or whatever to get high? i dont have the patience to make weed ramen.
  20. no.

    I originally found this recipe on Yahooka forums 2 years ago BTW, it is to this day my favorite recipe using weed. It works with such a small amount of bud, and the high creeps up on you and puts you on your ass

    you can't spare 20 minutes of your time? you can also prepare this and store it in a thermos, or container in the fridge.. and re-heat as needed

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