Ramen gone wrong..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JM., Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I had just smoked two bowls about 40 min ago, and decided to make some ramen. I got it going and smoked a cigarette while it was cooking. After it finally got done, I went to take it out of the microwave with potholders because the bowl was so hot. Well..as I was taking the bowl out, one of the potholders slipped and the near boiling water went all over my underarm. Even though I was wearing a hoody that shit still burned the fuck outta me. My arm is blistering, and its only 10am. Gonna be a looooooooong day :smoking:
  2. sounds like you only have one option. smoke more weed.
  3. that sucks bro.

    haha whenever im blazed i end up putting the flavor packet in before i put it in the microwave.
  4. Yeah, just got done blazin again feeling better :hello:
  5. i work at arbys (it sucks feel free to laugh) and it seems like if anythings hot i find it with my bare skin. or someone else finds it for me and proceeds to touch me with it on accident lol.
  6. Man, dont use the microwave, just boil some water, its way better that way.. I hate stupid BS like this though lol, totally unrealated,but I just went to go get $2 of gas a few days ago and got jumped by 4 kids for no reason so now my face looks awesome. The cops caught the fuckers though because the gas station is a whole 3/4 mile away from our only police station :wave:

  7. How fucking bad does the world have to be when you get jumped by 4 kids for $2, thats only a .50 cent take for them split up...good god...
  8. ^^shin ramyun is fucking BOMB i just had some not even 5 minutes ago. i forgot to put in the rie vegetables though so it wasnt THAt tasty. but still tasty and a lil spicy.
  9. Update: So I got hungry again, made some ramen (even though I was scared as hell). And came back up here. The whole red part of my arm has now turned into a giant blister D:
    Gonna post pics soon, it looks like an arrow lol.
  10. maybe itll make some sweet scar and you can tell people your some kind of prodigy..that sucks at making noodles.
  11. i spilled that shit on my hand one time high, fucking hot

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