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Ramblings of an 18 y/o fe- from Florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xbelle, May 29, 2009.

  1. No frikken way. I had a whole mini-bio typed out and then POOF! it disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

    Only figuratively, unfortunately.

    So.. yeah.

    I've been smoking for perhaps a year now? Whoa, never thought that would happen. For most of my life I've been that goody-good girl who never curses and is afraid to break even the smallest rule other than pushing the dress-code limits because they weren't sure if wedding dresses and fish-nets broke the rules or not. Lol. I looked down on my grandmother for always being high.

    When I was 17 I was "corrupted" by a short-term boyfriend into getting drunk and high for the first time. I don't believe in peer-pressure and know that if I hadn't wanted to experiment, I would have never gotten myself into that situation, haha.

    Apparently, I can take quite a few shots without a "chaser" but I am completely a light-weight. I don't remember the marijuana having any effect, probably because I was inebriated.

    I'm not really into drinking now, except for wine because it makes me "bubbly" and "giggly" but I've been dating a die-hard stoner that I would have never dated before despite the fact he's a great guy(disgusting prejudice), for about a year now. I love cannabis almost as much as I love him. :)

    I'm one of those classy, alternative cute-nerd type girls. (Or I'd like to think so) I love conversation and learning new things. I wont take a pill without spending a few hours on the internet reading about it.

    If you saw me you wouldn't believe I'm 18 but I have the ID to prove it. ;P

    Buying a $30 bag tomorrow for the first time in a while. Can't wait.

    Let's be virtual friends! :D

    (To be honest, I'm nervous about posting this. Mild social anxiety haha.)

    EDIT: Gee I talk/type too much.
  2. aww you sound like a cool person to chill with....and now I feel not so alone with another girl being here. I can relate to the lightweight thing ha, Ive been seeing a guy also whos a sick pothead, ( were not in a relationship) but its cool knowing we have some things in common

    anyways ill stop rambling , welcome and enjoyyy = ]
  3. Awh thanks. I actually don't have any girls I hang out and smoke with, that would be wicked. Yeah it does seem we have a bit in common. :)
  4. Hey what part of FL you in? I am in South Fl.

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    North, unfortunately. The further north you go in Florida, the more "south" it seems. >_< Near Jacksonville, but not in it.

    Thanks! ;D
  6. Welcome!!! First off.....both you two ladies who my opinion, a girl who smokes is a girl I want to know!! haha nothing like hanging out with the girl you love smoking with her. a girl I love, although we aren't together right now cuz she moved away and I am joining her in 6 months, smokes all the time but she doesn't smoke a lot. she is a lightweight but its all good. just thought I would throw that in there. LOL

    by the way, I can type/write more than talk all the time. i know other are like that too so you aren't alone in that way too.
  7. Welcome to GC! I'm in Jax, as well. :wave:
  8. I tend to get along with guys better than girls, but I wish I had some stoner-chick friends.

    The only girls that I am even aware of around here that smoke are pretty slutty. They think being high gives them an excuse to rip off their clothes. Which isn't always bad, but there is a time and place for everything. Lol.

    Thanks all for the Welcome. ^_^

    Heyyy, someone nearby. Too bad we can't discuss hookups. (I read the rules, haha)
  9. Yeah it would be pretty cool
    to be honest I have more female acquaintances than friends, and I have mostly guy friends as well.

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