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Discussion in 'General' started by Krypto, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Hiya guys~

    Okay, to begin with I'm the kind of guy who thrives on knowledge about the medical field and the astronemy field. I'm the guy who looks at space.com and reads every single archive about everything of anything lol....Now I also LOVE the health field, medicine and surgery facinate me...But I think my craving for knowledge is so wide spread out that I need to cut it down a bit....Astronemy interests me more and it seems like theres more to discover about it, the medical field seems like it might get boring to me later in life...So I'm in a fork in the road of life...Do I go for something that I would more likely to love to do for my carrer or go for something that makes more money that might not satisfy me for my whole life...Astronemy I know alot about, as well as the medical field....But in Astronemy I dont know jobs that would be open to me, I'd like to study black holes,stars,solar winds,flares,galaxies......In the medical field I'd like to go into anesthiology and get my phd in it...Making "okay" money isnt an option for me, I thrive to be the best out of my classes, yet I'm not an asshole who thinks he knows everything...I'd like a job that pays every well that might fit into these categories.....So post maybe about what you'd like to do and what educational learning experiences facinate you...Any insight on jobs about astronemy would be greatly appreciated=D
  2. Are you at a point where you must make a decision right now? If now, keep enjoying both. In college you can take courses in both your freshman and even sophomore years before they push you to make a decision. I'll let you in on a little secret, too. Anesthesiologists have the easiest job when it comes to doctors. One of my friends is going to be one and shadowed a guy who told him how little he actually did and how much he got to sit around and goof off. That said, you'll still have to do a lot of work in school and in hospitals for your residence before you get to that point. Astrology, I mean astromony would be pretty interesting to do. You could pretty much go into any part of that you want, but you'll have to probably do a whole bunch of b.s. beauracratic stuff to keep your scientific endeavor going. Anesthesiology will make you more money as you've probably already figured, but as you said, money isn't the issue here.

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