Ramblin' man, gettin' closer to coming home!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. Honey, I'm HOME!!! Lmao!!

    I'm at the Library this am. That's how much ya'll mean to me!! Drag my ass out of bed on a Sat. morning to come to the CITY!! Still don't have our home puter upgraded to go on-line, so I'm still real limited as my paths to this GREAT place.If I could hook-up with a "puter-genius" (Who's not above a lil' "shady dealing" LMAO) I might get there sooner. I have a friend who wants to pay a debt with a laptop, but there's some barriers involved!! :( PM me if you want to help.

    I've put thousands of miles on the road since I've been here last. Been all over Lousiana, and most of Mississippi.

    BPP, while in Tupelo, I sat on the porch swing of Elvis,s birth house and burned a phat one for ya!! The King is gone, but not forgotten!!!!

    Unfortunatly "Internet coffee house's" are not around much here in the South, or I could come to the city while on the road. There is a spot listed for them in the phonebooks, but NO listing's, go figure!!

    Life on the road sucks, but I have a good crew, and much more importantly, I feel like I'm making a Lil' headway in Life!!!!

    I'm going to try to post some more a Lil' later, but if not, I'll be back next weekend.

    Love, Luck, and BIG OLE' BUDS to all my friends and Family Here!!!! :)
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  2. what kinda help do you need?
    let me know. PM me ! i see you on still. we miss ya :D
  3. Quit teasing us cowboy. We all know your running up and down the roads in a blaze of glory. You don't even think about your friends here at the city! LOL
  4. Been Blazin' a Lil', but NO glory my friend!! LOL

    My crew thinks I'm "whacked-out" for talkin' bout my City Family and Friends, and for being pissed off that I can't find any "Internet cafe's" in the Lil' podunk towns I travel through!!!

    Love and Miss Ya'll!!!!
  5. You need to have a little glory my friend. We miss having ya around. You need to get ya ass back here when ya can!!!!!!!!
  6. Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!;)

    Damn, you do dig The City!!!! You're all whacked-out and shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Tell your crew that we're all whacked-out too since we miss our Coyboy being around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ;) Stay safe and high, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. but i thought it was cool......im sittin here, in my room, chillin, and responding to threads on the city, when all of a sudden this unmistakeable aroma fills the air, i find it funny, that when someone says that exact sentence, half the minds in here automatically think good ol mj...well...in this situation, you would be 100% correct, as i sit in my room, my mom, sits in the living room, blazing a j...is that some cool shit or what...also, for what its worth to those of you who actually do pay attention to my rantings..im goin to town today, im going to find a job...preferably the one that i want...preferably that one with no drug testing...and then...im going to buy a fat sack.......WHEN I FIND MY DEALER!!!...get stoned out of my gourd, and give you guys a good namron quality rant.......

    also, on the actual subject, ummmmm...damnit i forget a lot of stuff lately...seems like NOT having weed has shortened my memory....oh yeah...stay safe there cowboy and lookin forward to seein ya back...maybe get to know you better like the rest of the loons around here

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