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Discussion in 'General' started by oldguyonthesearch, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Hi folks, I moved to Raleigh from up north about 6 years ago. My work environment is mostly white collared folk and as such, reaching out to co-workers for a weed connection would be a good way to lose my job.
    I met one guy through craigslist, who went by the alias of "Black". Very punctual but his weed was always mixed with garbage bud. And overpriced at that. Plus I had to travel to Durham which made me search for someone new.
    So then found another connection where I had to travel 1/2 hours south of Raleigh. Another long drive but his bud was good and cost 45 an 1/8. Then about 4 months ago he sold me a bag with mold. He made it up for me which was cool. And now he did it again. I couldn't examine it before I purchased. Long story. So I texted him again thinking he'd make it right again - but no response. Crickets.
    So back to craigslist again and wouldn't you know it, they have filtered out all 420/maryjane/you name it. Have to hand it to them. They did a good job at removing the 420 ads.
    I'm even looking into the "dark net" but that may take me some time to figure out. And then I saw this forum.
    I've been smoking weed over a span of 35+ years.
    Has anyone any tips for finding a new source?
    Besides the silly ones I've read like 'hang out in the gardening section of Lowes' or 'ask the pizza guy'.
    I don't go to bars. Have a family so time is limited. At this rate I might have to order seeds and just grow my own. Although that's easier said than done, I know.
    I'd add some tags to this thread but not sure what would be relevant.
    And hope I'm not breaking any rules for asking like this. (yeah I didn't read any fine print)
  2. Hey there! I'm new here too and also haven't "read the fine print". Soooo don't know if you're breaking any rules or not.
    Just my opinion but a small personal grow is the way to go. Keep it strictly to yourself and never have to worry about dealing with shady people.
    I don't know if you have grown before but if not there is an abundance of folks here willing to help out with info, tips, etc..
    Either way good luck..
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  3. Thanks, ShinyMoon. Yeah you may be right.

    I wound up creating another account for this forum cause I lost the password from the first account I'd created just minutes ago! This is my brain without weed.(sigh)
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  4. Join your local chapter of NORML. You will meet people that smoke, probably have connections, and be helping an organization that is trying to do some good in the state by fighting the ignorant mentality of the state politicians.

    You arent breaking any rules by asking how to meet people. Asking for a hookup however is against the rules.
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