Raising Wacky Weed (Paperback)

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    Raising Wacky Weed[​IMG]

    Looking for a beginner indoor grow guide that won't disappoint? You want one that won't confuse the heck out of you, but also won't treat you like an idiot? Raising Wacky Weed by Mr. Lee is the guide for you! After all why not learn from the guy that's just an average Joe like you. He spent over ten years perfecting the art of clandestine closet growing. Mr. Lee will teach you to avoid the novice mistakes he learned the hard way. Get the strait dope on how to set up everything from a low tech, one-time, just for fun garden, to the perpetual sea of green that kept Mr. Lee toasted to high heavens every day for years.

    Raising Wacky Weed[​IMG]

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