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raised with the herb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by myowndeity, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. I have grown up around weed and it has never left my life. My parents smoked it, and eventually I dipped into their stash to find out what it was like. Now that I am older a lot of my friends have kids of their own. Even though I don't have any, I wonder how they are dealing with raising children around the good herb.

    A close friend of mine has a 4 year old son. He calls it smoke, and seems to be just fine about it. Do any of you out there have children? How do you talk to them about it?
  2. My dealer has two kids that are 4 and 6, they even know how to weigh the weed! I guess as long as you educate your kids by telling them the facts, including the dangers of smoking, the will grow up just fine. And keep them away from all of that goverment propaganda bull shit.
  3. i don't agree.... I think kids shouldn't know until they're into theyre teens..or as you previously said educated in a very good manner about it.... otherwise, mis usage might occur...:)
  4. yeah, getting stoned in front of children is almost just as bad as getting drunk in front of children *). those little critters are used to seeing their parents sober and normal. any time their parents change behaviour, the children get, if not scared, at least worried.

    *) weed is slightly better. at least stoned you don't get loudmouthed, violent or over emotional like many do when they get drunk. if anything you get more loving, and dinner is always take-out chinese or pizza... and i bet the child soon figures out exactly when it should ask daddy or mommy for that little extra allowance to go buy that new videogame or whatever :)
  5. I'm curious about this too. Being so relatively young, it's foreign to think that "regular joes" live normal productive lives and smoke.

    I think kids should learn about weed when they're 16+. Introducing weed too young just asks for trouble. A 12 year old has less self-control, self-judgement, etc. than an older teen. At least an older teen can realize consequences among other things.
  6. I feel like I am a well rounded individual, and my parents never hid it from me. Those of you who say to hide it until their teens must not have children. Kids don't let you hide anything. Sometimes I think they know more than their parents. When I was young and my mom and dad would go in the other room with company to smoke, I would try and follow them. I wondered why they had to hide something from me.

    The only thing that is odd to me about my friend's son, is when they get high they just sit around and ignore him. It seems like he is wanting their attention more and more when they are smoking. Maybe they should learn to get off their butts and do fun activities with him when they are high instead of bein lazy bums. It is possible to be productive while high.... right?

    <3 Beth
  7. I will not clean my house without smoking first, durring, and after. I find it is cleaner this way, and like you said, I am having a blast!

    Please tell my fiance this philosophy =/
  8. Of course it's possible to be productive when high! Half the software on the Internet (okay, probably more than half) was coded while the programmer was high. I love to get tokkered and clean my room. It winds up spotless!

    Some people, though, just get high and sit and do nothing... like every time. I guess I just don't understand that mentality.
  9. my moms friend waited until he was like 16 and he growth an interest for weed, that's when she told him "look son i smoke"
    and my friend went on her like "i want sommeeeeee!"
    lol funny since then he became a seasoned toker, and he is the #1 kid at his school, he studies a lot being high...he is most of the time in fact high, he is not high in school thou.

    i have done some php, c++ programmin being high, i have studied math and biology being quite high, and i have been at test and speechs quite high, i like tests because you will read the same question at least 10 times to figure it out lol.
  10. Doin' chores, studyin' for school, gettin' lectured at: it's all more enjoyable high.
  11. i grew up around pot. no one hid anything from me - the joys of teen parents in the '70's :) i think i would still be smoking pot if i had never seen it growing up. my dad's a "drunk" but i don't drink. still, kids should be able to grow up innocent and realitivly scar free. they just shouldn't have to grow up fast or worry about anything. but how do you keep them safe from life?

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