Raised to hate weed?

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  1. Please don't listen to the advice in this thread lol. Getting a government job is one thing but if you plan on getting a high level one which requires a top s clearance then you must not have done any drugs in the past two years. They make you take a lie detector test. I wouldn't recommend smoking if your planning on applying to any with this requirement.

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    I grew up the same way. I thought it would destroy my life, I thought i'd end up doing like heroine. I was never against it but I was for it. I have been smoking since maybe about the start of 2012 Summer. I am an honor roll student. The start of early summer I tried it. I have bad anxiety. My heart was pumping as I took my first pull. The first time I tried, I didn't get high. I took a lot of hits to. maybe about 4 off a blunt and 2 off a vape. (Not a lot now but when i first started that would get me SO ripped) I was with my best friend and his brother. It was so nice and relaxing just enjoying life with my bestfriend near me laughing. I'd go back to that day. I do not smoke all day. I usually just smoke before I go to bed because it puts you right to sleep. I also have asthma, it opens up my airways for better breathing. Believe it or not, It really does. Anyways just try it! You just got to limit yourself. Know when to do it, and Just be responsible.
  3. 1st question: It depends most people that smoke everyday have experience. Now there is such a thing as too much. When it starts interfering with your real life or finances and such then you need to slow it down. It's all about personal responsibility.

    2nd: i was raised christian and went to a quaker school 1-8th grade and heard all that bullshit. I was nervous as could be my first time of course it's trying something new. The unknown is scary. It was one of the best days of my life and many other nights i have smoked have been purely amazing and brought many great and cherished memories. I say go for it!
  4. Smoke it. Its amazing. Not bad at all. I was scared now i love it. Sorry im being blunt im gonnnnneeeeee
  5. Nope that's bullshit :) there is actually proof that it can encourage brain cell growth. And the way that the study showing it did kill braincells was released to the public around 2010 and it was fuckin ridiculous...
  6. Don't smoke if u need security clearance. They are majorly intrusive. Especially the FBI and such.
  7. When I was in the Marines, I had to get an interview by the FBI for my security clearance. The guy interviewing me was cool, he asked how I felt when I smoked, and I was completely honest with him. I was calm, and ended up being extremely philosophical and thoughtful. We then talked about legalization and how dumb prohibition was, especially because industrial hemp (the kind that gets you high) would be a boon for many microeconomies. I got my clearance. It won't damn you having a history of smoking, but don't have any in your system.
  8. There's a difference between getting high and getting stoned. I only get stoned when I have nothing to do and just wanna relax for a bit. I mostly take a couple hits to help myself mentally (self medication).
  9. I'm 24, and i was also raised like that. But i knew there was no harm to it. Still I decided to wait til I was 18 to first try & since then I've been smoking. I don't even drink, I consider alcohol more harmful. You just gotta be open minded, to me it really relaxes me, so I mainly smoke @ night when I'm done with work, gym n family n etc time. I'm also pretty active so don't believe that "stoners are lazy" or "weed makes you lazy" it's how YOU manage to apply yourself to it. I wake up 5 every day so It really helps me get thru the night. Days off and when I know i have nothin important planned I'll smoke all day long and just chill. There's no harm in it as long as you smoke responsibly& have your priorities figured out. But other than that, when you try it, enjoy the ganja n good luck :)
  10. Honestly, i reccomend trying it. Make your own opinion. Its not addicting so you have literally nothing to lose.
  11. Like someone said, id roll somn up and take small hits and let the high come on slowly.

    Im a mostly closet smoker. Smoke daily multiple times a day. 90% of the reason i smoke is pure stress relief. There really is something about rolling that smoke out and rubbing my fingers through my hair. I consider it the one thing i do for myself. some may say its selfish.

    If ur not a square you'll get it like all the other "stoners" out there. In fact i walk around/work around/live around etc all these squares everyday going about my business high and they have no clue so i guess they dont get it.

    The biggest nay sayers of weed in my life are the people who i want to discover the relaxing benifits of marijuana mostly haha theyre the ones who really need it.
  12. I would say go for it. Nothin to lose.
  13. op you should look up granny storm crows list you can use the search function on this site to find it or google there is a facebook page dedicated to it

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