Raised to hate weed?

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  1. Hi, I was thinking about trying weed for the first time, but sadly grew up with a lot of the propaganda handed down from school and parents. While not religious I was still raised by a babyboomer conservative family.

    Now I'm 19 and while I am free thinker its hard to just shake off everything that was hammered into your head while growing up. Its also a bit scary trying anything that you've have never done before.

    I have two questions. First, I see a lot of people "get high" almost every day, isn't that too much? Doesn't that me you are just escaping reality and your responsibilities?

    Second, was anyone else scared to try it there first time, and then feel good about it? This is the way I feel now, nervous to try but I want to.

    I hope this thread doesn't piss anyone off, I'd like to think I'm opened minded, just have a few concerns.
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    Alright, to answer your first question, yes. Some people do not know how to balance their lives with pot smoking. You need to know when to smoke, you get your work done first, then reward yourself with a nice toke.

    Second question. I thought of it as something that would completely fuck my life up. I thought I would end up shooting up needles and shit. But the honest truth is, there is nothing more peaceful and healthy than a nice toke. (As long as your responsible.) Don't go and buy a shit ton of weed and take massive bong rips your first time. You'll trip out. simple as that.

    If you want a good time, find a nice comfy place, with some chill friends, nice music, and a bit of munchies. Get a pipe. Pack a small bowl, and smoke it! You don't need to get blazed as fuck your first time. Just experience it. Its really magical.
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    My first time was phenomenal, I grew up being told to hate weed too but it never really stuck with me because it all sounded like a lot of bullshit. Because it was.

    The truth is your not going to start doing harder drugs because you smoked weed, weed doesn't make you stupid (just a little slow when your stoned but hey your stoned so its cool), chronic smokers lungs are about as healthy as any non smoker. The only threat to you while smoking pot is the cops. They cause more harm to stoners than weed ever will.

    I began smoking my freshman year in highschool, I am and was a heavy heavy smoker. Smoke mad bud everyday, I got a 25 on my act (not too shabby ^_^) and my grade average never dropped below a B. Never done any harder drugs.

    Once you smoke weed for the first time you'll realize the "high" isn't even as extreme as people play it off as. I also couldnt tell you how it is because its really one of those things you have to experience to understand.

    I hope you choose to give weed a go it really is a wonderful plant, don't let all the anti smoking propaganda sway you, but also be skeptical about pro pot propaganda because the truth is, we still need to do more studies on it!! But from personal experience i can say weed has done nothing but benefit me in my life. (except for when cops get involved....avoid cops)
  4. smoke the green and you will become open minded. i used to think drugs were bad cause thats what i grew up, then i stumbled across weed not being harmful and im like wtf ive been lied to all my life. thats how i began. No i wasnt scared to start i am the one that saught out smoking nobody tried to pressure me into it like most people think.

    Oh and the first time you get high you might not like the first 15 minutes, I didnt cause i was light headed and tunnel vision and in general stupid stoned. But then we smoked like 2 grams between 3 people so it was alot for a first timer lol. And this was pretty good stuff too. Godberry, its an indica and damn good too.
    But the first 15 minutes i just layed down after about 15 minutes i got used to it and enjoyed it for about 6 hours till we went to sleep woke up high the next morning too haha.

    You don't have to be scared and hell your making the first step towards knowing the truth. Wish more people did know the truth whether they smoke or not.

    And as someone who USED to get high all day every day the only negative i see is tolerance and not even getting high anymore.
    I started at 19 almost a year ago too haha.
  5. I was terrified of weed, I listened to all the bullshit. I thought it killed brain cells, I thought it would make me try shit like crack. I held the government so high for everything. Then I met a stoner who seemed to be completely the opposite of what they try to say weed is. I did some reading, and came to the conclusion it was all lies. I ordered some weed from sr, smoked up from a homemade bong, and the rest is a haze... (I mean history, but I thought that sounded cooler) It is not at all what I expected, and you really should give it at least a try. Also, to put your mind at ease a little, watch The Union.

  6. I think it does kill brain cells, but tap on your head real quick, if ya did then you just killed a few brain cells.

  7. Can you prove that? Marijuana may spur new brain cells

  8. Getting high 24/7 is bad IMO. It should be a reward for after getting your stuff taken care of.

    Don't be scared man trust me, just relax and maybe listen to some music or watch something funny. It won't hurt you in anyway mj loves you ;)

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  9. Prove that weed or tapping your head kills brain cells? o_O mabye the second one if I googled a bit, but I really have no idea when it comes to weed! I was just playin devils advocate with a side of reason

  10. Haha I gotcha bro. As of now there are no HONEST studies that link marijuana to brain damage.
  11. Well thank you guys for all the advice, but one more question, where is the place to get some? I live in LV and have had been getting migraines for a very long time now so I was thinking of getting a medical card for it?

    Only thing is I plan to get a high level federal job in a few years, would having this card on record screw me over?
  12. From what I understand Medical is legal in Nevada, however federally marijuana is illegal so any marijuana in your system would probably disqualify you from a federal position unless pot were legalized in the next few years, which hopefully it will be. Just go find a local source and make sure there's no THC in your system when you have to get tested. Simple, do you know how many of our higher ups smoke pot? Alot of em <----total assumption on my part
  13. To more directly answer your question, I don't think the card itself would disqualify you, but it would give them grounds to test the THC levels in your body, which they'll do anyways. So no the card wont fuck you but thc in your system will.
  14. If your job is state, and medical is legal, I see no issues. Federal job, maybe issues. Look at it this way, all presidents since "I didn't inhale" have admitted to smoking weed.

  15. Ya federal level hopefully F.B.I., honestly every criminal justice major agrees weed should be legal.

  16. Ok ya, I know I would stop before going into this job, was worried about the card itself.
  17. oh boy this is a fun one:D
    first off, I get high everyday, but thats my choice,i have a job and i smoke durring my short breaks and it calms/relaxes my mental and physical state of mind for the 9 hours of constantly cooking 12 things at once plating/portioning the food.Now thats my life and im not sure on yours but smoking everyday isnt that bad. Just dont be high 24/7 your screw your tollerence up and wont get high.:hello: So anyways when im working 6 out of 7 days of the week. I dont think its too much. Just dont let mary run your life.

    second question.
    yes i was alittle afraid of mary the first time i smoked with my brother. But he was a great toutor .I learned that its not the horrible thing that my teachers and others say about it. Like that gateway theroy? ive smoked bud for over 6 years homie. i havent smoked crack,meth, done a line. Nor have i ever wanted to.Pots not bad for you it wont kill you,my father has smoked before most of us even knew of pot.haha ye hes ancent.

    well i hoped i helped:wave: pm me if you need any 420 advice :)

  18. It may be best to do specific research into the job you were looking at and looking at the qualifications and type of background checks they do. Federal jobs are extremely intrusive about their background checks. Like going to the neighbors you lived next to 10 years ago to ask if you were a suspicious character. Knowing is half the battle!
  19. your best bet would be rolling small joints, or a blunt, but take SMALL ASS HITS.

    i swear the first time i smoked with my friends i was tripping the fuck out, like going out of my body close to passing out, and my mind kept pondering the thought "dude what the fuck is a human" and kept tripping out so baddddd..

    but after smoking for a while, the paranoia and tripping went down, and it became super chill and funny.

    you just have to have experience with it to know how to deal with it.

    goodluck, take it slow
  20. Right there with ya, i'm 20 now. From womb till about the time I was 16 I ate up alllll the propaganda and bullshit I was fed. Except for religion. I was fucking anti-pot never going to smoke it never going to ruin my life!!! but then I took some out of my pops bag. Honestly, didn't get high the first few times. Probably didn't inhale it. But that first time I got fucking ripped I knew right then and there that everything I was ever told was a lie.

    don't be nervous, don't be anxious, just smoke that shit

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