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  1. I'm getting ready to plant my first planned outdoor crop and have been doing alot of research over the past year. Last years crop I had no experience and did just about everything possible wrong which resulted in yields of next to nothing. This year can't get much worse but I have a few concerns. The soil in my back yard is claylike and I am debating building a raised bed or using 1.5 bags and laying them on their side, cutting a small hole and planting seed. Or would it be better to dig a hole and amend soil. If raised bed used what dimensions per plant. It is my goal to grow plant that yield lb or more dry. I will be using topping and supper-cropping to these girls. I have also been considering buying happy frog or fox farm and using the bag it comes in as a planter but after I place holes in the bags to plant teen and for drainage. Is 1.5 cubic yards enough to grow quality plants. I'm always concerned with the plants walking off so it makes me think about putting in the straight ground so it make it harder to lose the plants. Last year someone within a half mile had his 4 boxers feed hotdogs with sleeping pills and when the dogs passed out they got off with 9 plants in planters pots, I don't want this to be me this year. I will be the first to admit I'm a outdoor noob but I think my indoor exp will serve me well.
  2. You gotta plant in the ground or get really huge smart pots if you want plants that big. The cheapest way is to amend your native soil and get resourceful about your ingredients. Dont skimp on genetics though, check out some of the grow journals and see what strains are reliable.
  3. A raised bed, in ground, or large fabric pots are all great options. With your clay soil, drainage may be an issue so you might be better off with the smart pots or raised bed to avoid that. I really like my camo pots, but I also grow in a raised bed that I build with cinder block and filled with good potting soil mixed with a little of my native soil. Either way should cost about the same. You have to buy blocks or pots and soil...
  4. going in ground myself, we were gonna go 3'x3'x18" beds but trying to save on cost, 30 or 40 raised beds is alot of soil to bring in.. so I'm ammending existing soil, anyone know about applying lime and how much to use on a 3'x3' hole in the ground mixed with other ammendments?
  5. [quote name='"chopshop"']going in ground myself, we were gonna go 3'x3'x18" beds but trying to save on cost, 30 or 40 raised beds is alot of soil to bring in.. so I'm ammending existing soil, anyone know about applying lime and how much to use on a 3'x3' hole in the ground mixed with other ammendments?[/quote]

    I'm no expert on soil amendments. I'd ask Corto about that. But I would recommend lining your holes with some rocks to help with drainage.
  6. I use really big smart pots with great results last summer. Also planting in ground doesn't secure you plants more. When rippers come they just cut them out in ground or in pot they usually don't come an just pull them out of the ground. You would have to be pretty fucking strong.
  7. I am planning on planting 3 Afghan Kush Ryder's, which are autos from attitude, 2 sour desiel which I just popped and 2 clones. I have some mulch I plan on mixing into soil. Beside perlite what else should be added to the soil? How big of a hole should be amended per plant?
  8. Ok here's what to do for outdoor..... Camo pots, perlite, fox farm ocean forest, liquid nutes (use after first month of veg) get some type of manure or something with a lot of nitrogen and use throughout cycle. Put down clay mulch on top of soil in pots to prevent from drying out... And use neem for bugs works great.
  9. Oh yea mix some ash from a fire pit in there. Like 5-10 percent. You wouldn't believe what that can do
  10. Earth Worm Castings, kelp meal, Compost.
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    I would do raised beds on clay soil. Also make your own soil or source some locally. You will save money and be able to get a better soil.

    Also are you asking about 1.5 cu/ft bags or do you actually mean 1.5 cu/yards per plant? 1.5 cu/yards would be way to much for an autoflower. 1.5cu/ft is about what I would use for an autoflower (~10 gallons of soil). Full size plants I would use considerably more then 1.5 cu/ft.
  12. I was talking the standard 1.5 bags you get at the hydro store. What size would you go? I'm thinking amending the soil will be my best option and allow for the biggest plants. I can't wait till outdoor season. I am getting excited and need to get outside after the rain and get things ready.
  13. Like I said one of those bags is 1.5 cubic ft and it is perfect for an autoflower. Just use a 10 gallon pot or something for it.

    I feel your best option is a raised bed because of the clay you have. Clay doesn't drain well so you should make a raised bed to prevent draining issues. Otherwise you will need to dig a 3 x 3 in some clay dirt which usually isn't easy.

    The amount of dirt can vary depending on what your plans are. Is this a legal medical grow with full sun? Some people grow 10lb+ plants and wouldn't think of using less then 300 gallons of soil. On the other hand 50 gallons of soil (5 bags) could yield you an LB in a raised garden with the right dimensions and proper sun. I personally wouldn't suggest anything less then 5 bags per plant in a raised bed either lightly mixed with the top layer of clay or just put on top. Clay dirt is very fertile just doesn't drain well.

    Maybe sourcing compost/soil mixture by the cubic yard from a landscaping company locally would be a good choice. I know I bought some for ~$35 a cubic yard (= about 18 of those bags you get from the hydro store. Though it isn't the same quality and I went ahead and amended it further)
  14. I am using raised beds this year and going full Fukuoka style natural farming... I had great results last year without even the raised beds so it can only get better... I know it's an old post but raised beds have many advantages and people should know about them.
  15. Thread from the dead
  16. In my opinion you can't get any better then growing in the ground, the earth acts as thermal mass and acts as A/C in the summer and the opposite effect later in the season when frost is near, providing for more temperature tolerant plants and greater yields.
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    If you want monster plants go for in ground. The bigger the hole the bigger the plant.
  18. But what if my 200 gal pot is bigger than your whole in the ground.
    I think kronic has got it dialed in.

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