Raise Your Hand if you got this page as your Home Page

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. google is mine but all I do is type in F in the address bar and im at the forum index :p
  2. same.
  3. I got it in my favorites... along with literally over 400 sites of alittle of everything.
  4. Excite all the way...although the City is in my favorites toolbar
  5. yahoo for life!
  6. google is my homepage, but GC is on my favorites toolbar.
  7. how do you do the adress thing?

  8. same.
  9. You mean make it your homepage? Go up to the top of the brower and click "Tools", then "Internet Options" or "Options", then click the general tab, type in the gc URL, click apply, then save. :)

    And yes, I have it as my homepage.
  10. I have google as my home page also, GC is bookmarked on my addy bar for mozila so its quick and easy.
  11. Same idea for me, except my college website is my homepage.
  12. I have google.com/ig as mine. But I come here always.

  13. Well if you have your history saved it should automatically do it... at least on Firefox
  14. Google is mine, so I just type 'Gr' and then enter.

  15. google ig for me..

    dont want this to be my homepage incase someone else uses mycomp.. .dont wanna be obvious

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