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    Hey guys umm, i tried looking everywhere for an answer to this but i can't find much.
    If i collect rainwater for my plants do i have to add like cal mag or epsome salts to it or something? I currently have epsom salts but no cal mag. I got biobizz Grow and Bloom, would these contain the necessary micronutes?
    And if so, does that mean i have to add nutes(and/or epsom salts) every single watering if using rainwater?
    Just a little confused, hope you can help.
    Btw i just tested the ph of the rain and it says 8.0 ?? Is this bad?

  2. not sure about the rainwater I assume it would be fine.  Get that pH down quick though that is no good.  You want between 6.2 and 6.8 for soil. (If that's your medium)
  3. Hey thanks, is that ok though to just adjust it down? is it not weird that rainwater is alkaline? indicating it's bad or something? although i am in a rural zone, away from any pollutants. maybe i'm just paranoid.
  4. The only way i wouldnt use rainwater is like you said if you lived in a polluted area. I live bear dayton ohio so im fucked on rain water. You can use blackstrap molasses for cal-mag it has other trace elements in it also plus you can use it straight through to harvest day without it affecting your flush. I dont think biobizz nutes have ph buffers in them but don't quote me on it. Nutrients cause your ph to go down thats why your supposed to water with plain h2o every other watering is to rinse out excess salts and keep your ph level. If you have ph down take it to 7 and mix your nutes. My water comes out of the tap at 7.2 and after sitting to let the chlorine evaporate a few days it goes up to 8. I never used ph down and my plants are ok. If i were in your shoes i would just feed them like normal and check your runoff ph. Are you in soil or soilless? Either way it should be fine. Id rather have rain with a ph of 8 rather than acid rain though lol. Just don't let your water sit to long or it will become stagnant and i wouldn't water anything with stagnant rainwater. If i was collecting rainwater i would put an aquarium pump and an airstone in whatever your collecting water in just to be safe and keep your water nice and oxygenated. You can get a pump and an airstone for less than 20 bucks together.
  5. Rainwater depends on how you collect it.
    Runoff from a roof is a no no (it mixes with all the crap from the roof).
    A "funnel" type collection is the best, but you need a big ass funnel.
    TDS it before you use it.
  6. Hey thanks guys.
    The ppm of the rainwater is 50, i've filled up 2 barrels and i put them inside with air rocks in them, is it ok to keep them here for up to a week? will the water stay ok?
    Also should i run it through a carbon filter?
  7. carbon helps but you want to make sure the water keeps oxygen running through it...... a week will make a barrel of water no good.....some only check the ph once a week so yor good there.
    So are you saying it will be ok for a week as long as i keep bubbling it?
  9. Oh shit ya.....then just ph when you use it

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