Raining Sun and Wed all day 55-60 highs

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    Like title says it's supposed to rain on Sun and Wed all day...My Master Kush is in its 3rd week of flowering. Should I take it out during the rain or try to drag it (it's in a huge ass 12 gallon bucket that probably weighs 200 lbs filled with soil and the plant.) Should I try to drag that into a spa enclosed house and just put a portable heater on it all day while it rains. I think it might get a little sunlight from these panels on the enclosed spa thing. Or do you think I could just leave it out and let it get some rain on it. Then at night for the 12 rest hours I could turn the heater on and it would probably dry the leaves off while its resting.

    I'm already going to collect all the rain and use that to feed my plants for the next week. My plants love rain water. I have been using a tbsp of molasses, orchid bloom 6-30-30, superthrive, and vitamin b1 every now and then. Ill get pics up soon and show you blades of how great it's turning out (3ft now expect to be about 4ft. by harvest) :)
  2. personally i would leave it out in the day and drag it in at night.

  3. Yeah, but you do know it's going to be cloudy and rainy. All the leaves and nodes will get wet. Yeah it will get uv rays through the clouds but is it worth it to get my plant soaking wet for 12 hours then drag in a spa and heat it and try to dry it for 12 hours?
  4. Its supposed to rain this weekend? Haha SD! Dude our weather forcasts here are bologna look how nice it is right now, even if it does rain it wonth be over an inch. I have a few girls outside prolly week 3 of flower they will be ok.
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    I'm not in SD right now i'm up in San Luis Obispo. Weather is 72 and sunny partly cloudy. I'll be moving back to SD after this semester and plant is done. Where you from in SD?
  6. Haha for sure you gave me a little scare, rain on sunday would ruin my plans. Thats whats up you goin to Cal Polly SLO? I live in clairemont where you from?
  7. Poway. Yeah, I go to poly
  8. Hell ya my really good buddy is transfering there next year. Poway has some crazy heat you probably yeild pretty good out there
  9. :smoke: do u know space and whitefawn?
  10. yeah u r right if its going to be a hard poor but if it is just sprinkles and drizzle i don't think you will get mold in week 3, maybe u should move it in and put it under a light or even some fluorescent:smoke: but that heater will dry it at night if u leave it out in the day in a sprinkle or mist anyway best wishes bro
  11. I had problems with rain late last season, But if your in your 3rd week i would just visit your plants and shake them carefully by the top half of the main stem to partially dry the nodes and cola.

    Pulling around a 55 gallon garbage can wasn't ideal for me, plus i wasnt effected by no mold.

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