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  1. God damn,
    It's wetter in CO than a lesbian in a fish market!

    I kid I kid, but seriously, I'm tired of stepping on
    worms that drowned.

    How's the weather everywhere else?
    If you have sunny weather, I don't wanna talk to you...hahah
  2. you dont want to talk to me.
  3. Perfect here: sunny but clear and cold.
  4. Hate you guys.
    Hahah jk well damn it lucky you, when this front
    moves out it'll be nice but still...
    In CO it's 70 one day and then snowing the next.
    I love it though.
  5. It's snowing here again.
  6. it was 50 as a high today and drizzling and cloudy and foggy. i got alot of sympathy tips today from customers ahaha. it was only 33 last night. wtf. prolly even snowed a bit haha
  7. damn man im used to being around people from the south

    cant believe its still cold where yall are id be pissed

    like 80s here
  8. Ya it's fucking hot and humid here.

    You get sweaty literally seconds after you step outside.

    I am craving some showers right now...... :(
  9. it has been raining here for the past 3 days, with highs in the 50's.

    shits getting old
  10. It's reasonable here. A little cold and basically always cloudy. It could be a lot worse though.
  11. I live in Arcata where it rains more quite often. More often that the norm. It's been sunny lately lol. I went home to the Bay Area over the weekend for MOther's Day, and it rained there. wtf lol.
  12. You have stated you do not wish to talk to me. I'll agree to those terms and pretend as if I'm talking to myself.
  13. im used to the rain, but its been sunny up here these past few days..:smoking::smoking:
  14. It's gone!

    The sun has come out for the 1st time in about a week!
  15. Well you lucky mofo's.
    Well some of you, still cloudy over here. But hey it could be worse.
    I just miss the days where you smoke and walk out and think
    damn the world is beautiful....

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