Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weedeater, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. man today it was great. it rained all day and i just sat in my grage with the door open and listened to the rain and chilled. it was so relaxing. i put a little phish on and just zoned out. i wish i had had some nugs that would have made it a day. i love rain. i think i am gonna move to seattle
  2. hey man, i was also thinking of moving to seattle. when it rains, i either like to play in it, drive around in it, or just listen to it and watch it.. it makes me feel cozy in my bedroom, especially when im stoned!!!
  3. hell ya rain is the shit.. seatle is the perfect place.. i've been thinking about moving to seatle for a while... I like san fran too..
  4. plying football in the rain while stoned kicks ass
  5. I LOVE April showers....[​IMG]
  6. They bring May flowers
  7. rain makes everything smell good outside
  8. seattle is beautiful man those trees rock and its got this cool smell

    and when the sun comes out after it rains thats just badass

    running around in the rain high is great times

  9. when i was in seventh grade, me and a bunch of friends from the old neighborhood played tackle football in this field, and it was pouring out! we played for 5 hours, it was the shit. so i agree with ya there!
  10. if u love rain... move to the west coast of scotland.

    you get shitloads there.

    some places get over 3500 anual!
  11. mmmmmm..... i love the smell of rain when its over, and I love it when I can just chill by my window and watch it rain and smoke a big fat bowl.....
  12. rain is the shit man i love it. i sleep soooo good in the rain in the morning i just want to sit in my bed all day! i think it has something to do with the pressure and the darkness.
  13. yeah ^^^you're right man^^^ i love to fall asleep in the rain. the best is playin' in it. football, or just when ya find a great mud spot. get dirty as fuck, slide around, dive and shit...man thats fun...


  14. totaly :D
  15. man, it rained last night...and i feel so good today. i slept soo so soo good. gawd i just love it!!!


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