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  1. anyone else in Maine/mass/new Hampshire getting buttfucked by copious amounts of rain and wind?
  2. Nope nor cal baby. That don't call it the weed cap for nothing. It over a 100 for the past week now. Watch them grow.
  3. Dude been dumped on for two days. With three more days to come

    I had to move serious amounts of five gal buckets from a low area which had rising 3 ft in a day... 15 of 25 5gal buckets were an inch from being under water. Err 10 had to be moved. But the ground hole ones were ok...
  4. Just started raining here in maine today not supposed to stop for like 4-5 days :(
  5. Just raining here... Been pouring in southern Maine since saturday morning. Really hard...

  6. If you can manage to send some of that rain down south I would appreciate it.

    I hope your plants don't drowned. Might want to throw some life jackets on those five gallon buckets.

  7. dude for real like one storm is alright but 5 days worth of this shit is not necessary. mother nature needs to get off her period and help marijuana do its thing
  8. reading this makes me feel so blessed to live in beautiful northern california.. been 100 for the past 3 days and a sprinkle coming tomorrow to cool everything off.. my plants are lovin life..
  9. Still raining hard today. I still have hrs of setup and protection and prevention measure to take care off. Im over getting wet. It's just sucks....

    I have a lot riding on this summers outdoor operation
    Money time plants effort...
  10. It's been raining so hard here also :/
  11. Well, raining hard in NorCal today... at least here at 2000' east of sacramento it is.
    I dont want to jack your thread but...
    It was in the mid 90's yesterday and im actually sunburned from days of work getting my girls up and running and now rain? Its supposed to stop by about 7pm tonite and I only have my 6 oldest moms out now so it wont set me back but still.... 90's yesterday and 58 with thunder and rain all day today? NorCal springs just get weirder and weirder....
  12. The seasons have all been getting weird here
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    Preventative measures had to be taken in my case to protect my outdoor sprouts, but the lack of sunlight and risk of overwatering is still a concern. I think they'll pull through just fine though.

    Edit: Despite the shitty weather, it's all (very slowly) uphill for the next few days, with rain decreasing and temps rising. Friday through monday may be the first days of truely good weather my plants will see!
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