rain??? will it hurt

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by scraches3, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. i was wondering if light rain hurts the plant ,besides weighting it down, it is tied up so it cant fall,
  2. or even a hard rain?
  3. no, rain will not hurt your plant.
  4. Rain would be the natural water source for billions of plants.
  5. will it knock off the crystals?
  6. Rain is a good thing! The crystals will not come off in the rain.(unless your plant has frost on it,then it rain's) I understand your concern,But mother nature has been doing it's thing for a few billion years now. Just be happy that you don't have to water them yourself and take the chance of being spotted.
  7. yeah rain I completly natural.... infact it is beleived that some strains use their oily trichs as a defense again too much water. I am actually using this to my advantage on a test plant and stressing it by spraying it with a shit load of water on days I know it will be sunny enough to evaporate later in the day to avoid rot and mold. It seems to be working possibly although it's early in the game still.
  8. should i buy a canopy to cover it in the rain?
  9. no get an umbrella:hello:
    the man just told you let it rain:cool:
  10. had to register to give scratches an alternative perspective.

    yes. rain can damage your plant.

    especially if it's a week young'un you've only just recently put outside n it's never felt so much as a breeze.
    i've seen such plants get utterly devastated n torn asunder from rain.

    but if the plant has spent it's life out there... it'd probably have to be hail in high winds before it gets similarly torn to pieces.

    different strains are different too... i've seen those lowryders... they're not even like the same plant man, they're really thick n sturdy little things, can take the worst beatings.

    toughen your plant up before putting it outside, n wel... if you're too hyper scaredy and overly protective to let it take it's chances.... indoors for you. ;)

    but generally, for the most part, no... it's not going to hurt, it'll strengthen and hydrate. i just didnt want you thinking your plants were immortal to all precipitation.

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