rain vs. tap water

Discussion in 'General' started by seedling4life, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. What is better for the plant?
    Rain water or tap water?
  2. I think it would depend on that area and its quality of water.

    But i also wouldn't really know the answer anyways, so don't mind me.

  3. /agree
  4. most likely rain, unless it's acid rain. Tap water is not good for anything but washing my hands and for the shower. I put Arrowhead in the toilet- my poop is worth more to me than to just disrespect it and let it float in fluoride.
  5. I am in the middle of the Rain forrest, water quality has to be good.
    Does anyone know from experience if the water will have any microbes that can affect the plant?
    Next time I water them I will use rain water, I'll update the thread with later.
  6. post in the grower part whatever its called, this is boring
  7. Wow...

  8. wow what, you post questions about growing in another part of the forum, not in the general section, a question about what type of water to use to water your plant is obviously a growing question, and i dont want to read about it in the general section, and im sure either do a lot of other people, while its not really a big deal, still......
  9. Looks like you need a box of tampax...
    It is a general question, if you don't want to read about it, don't click on this link anymore, your comments are a waste of space.
  10. I'd say distilled if you have the cash. Or hose water
  11. tap water all the way.

    Honestly though, I don't know.
  12. If you have a water softener DO NOT use tap water.
  13. A buddy of mine who did a indoor grow about a year ago used nothing but rain water that he collected and mineral water (twice weekly with the mineral water)

    Rain has the perfect pH for growing bud
  14. rain water is the perfect shit to use since it has a perfect PH levels for MJ
  15. Thanks man, that is what I needed to hear, I'll put a bucket out and start collecting that shit tonight.
    Go Seminoles!!!
  16. yeah I collect rain water whenever its raining I throw out a few buckets to collect water

    cheaper and just as easy as getting a bunch of shit to filter water or buying it even then rain water is the only thing you can get without adding shit that has a perfect PH for MJ

    sooo rain water>bottled water

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