rain should i worry about mold

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by justcuz, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I am about a week from harvest and it just rained last night and there is still a chance for more rain today. Should I be worried about the moisture on the buds causing mold or mildew? I will not harvest the buds untill they are dry. I also get very good air movement around my plant. Should I be worried or did i get a free watering from mother nature? If there is a cause to be concerned what can I do to minimize my risk of mold or mildew?
  2. Budrot only usualy happens in really moist or humid climates, sometimes if its raining for a good few days without stopping it will also cause this. If it stops for a few hours, then rains more, then stops.. etc, i wouldnt say youd have to worry about it, if you really are you can go out every once in awile and give them whole plant a good shakeing, or shake the branches to get some of that rain out of the buds.
  3. damn! didnt see the thread already posted. thanks for the info. btw F**K the rain some stems are sagging, all saturated, the flowers dont look as good hopefully they recover. making sure no more rain gets on my plant
  4. i cover mine in a clear tarp

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