rain and bugs

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  1. it is the second day of a two day rain it didnt rain all of the two days but my plants are doing well so far it is week 3.5 and i have many leafs and sets of three leafs and some are still coming i hope the rain wont kill them it seems over now i checked them yesterday and today they grew during the rain another question is the first two leafs turned a bit yellow i noticed some bug but put bug killer and no more bugs but leafs are a little chewed and still a little yellow anyone that could help please do. pics comming soon!
  2. Over watering. Its a bit young for ferts but I would try a weak water soluble nitrogen rich fert and use half the package instructions.
  3. The occasional leaf turning yellow does not necessarily mean impending doom. Plants can shed leaves and still go on to give good growth and good yields.
    But I have found that even seedlings can get a magnesium deficiency. Give a teaspoon of Epsom salts in a gallon of water.
  4. hey man is that right a gallon of water what should i do for one plant it is still growing strong after the rain it grew three more leafs over night what fert should i use now i use a little chicken shit because it cant hurt it can it?

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