Raided Again!

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  1. :eek: Crazy step daughter at it again, even though she don't even live here anymore. Three cop cars from two different municipalities showed up about 10 pm with a warrant stating i was growing weed and selling it and supposedly i sold her an ounce and her being a fine upstanding citizen she turned it over to the cops. As i am currently not growing at my residence i quickly invited the officers in and gave them the house tour, When we got to what i call my cave, its a 15x15 room kinda hidden off the basement where i used to grow and where i was supposedly currently growing, they walked in looked around, over looked the two extinguished blunt roaches apologizes and left, COMPLETLY OVER LOOKING THE 4 AQUARIUMS THAT CONTAINED ABOUT A 1/4 LBS OF SHROOMS GROWING, WHEW!:eek:
  2. wow crazy. fuck the police.
  3. wow

    over looked a bust they could have made

    stupid cops
  4. Ill start by saying, what a bitch. And finish by saying, you got pretty lucky....or cops are pretty stupid.
  5. What a snatch, but you have some good luck man.

    Or maybe it's karma just watching your ass?

    I was kind of in a mini freakout last week when I heard the Feds were in town. They busted an acre sized field full of plants not 2 miles from where my plot WAS. (fucking males)
  6. sounds that naughty girl needs a spaaaaanking!!!
  7. Dawg, Fuck that shit.

    Never been raided, *Knock on wood* and hopefully never will be. Im pretty cautious cuz yall dont even know..

    But good shit homie, Lay low for awhile, Id wanta move outta the area after that shit. Go somewhere where po's and no one knows you.

    Fuck the risks.
  8. Lmao, why the fuck would anybody buy an ounce and then hand it over to the police as evidence hahaha... I call bullshit. Not on your story but on the police's story aye
  9. No, my step daughters fuckin bi=polar whacked out crazy, over the years she has accused me of everything from molesting her to beating her, she would buy an ounce of shitty weed and turn it over to cops, I'm convinced she would do that.

    Been up all night and harvested the rest of the shrooms, like i said I'll still come away with a 1/4lbs dry. Tossed the cakes, washed out the terrarium etc. Moved the shrooms to a safe house far far away.

    It was not luck that saved my ass last night, how they overlooked 4 2x3 terrariums sitting there on a table in plain sight and a homemade food dehydrator cranking away, i'll never no, i must be blessed man.

    The house is clean except for my personal smoke-ables, Going today to file suit against her for defamation of character and harassment. Also a restraining order.
  10. Damn man! That shit is fucking crazy.

    You always seem to be having problems with her. What exactly about you does she hate so much? From the posts you've made in the past, you've been more than generous with her...

    That's awesome that they somehow overlooked the liberty caps. Shit is still pretty crazy to begin with but at least the police are blind.
  11. Wow, damn man. Good luck with the case and restraining order, sounds like that'd be a huge relief to get behind you..
    About the cops, yeah man thats fuckin lucky... They probably don't have a clue what a shroom growing project looks like, and were only thinking about finding a weed grow.. yeah damn thats lucky hah. Peace
  12. Some crazy fuckin thing about her real dad not wanting her and she feels inadequate compared to my natural kids, always jealous, i tried everything to make her feel wanted, alway gave her more and all that shit but it didnt work.

    She acts like Brittany spears without the money, i dont hate her because i know shes not right in the head but i can never let her back in my life or trust her ever again, i could have went away for a very long time.
  13. wow..shitty situation..she accused you again??wow...
    what does her mum have to say about this?

    i never liked my stepdad too but i always tried to be friendly at least..

    hope everything works fine from now on
  14. duddeee.....weak
  15. Yeah, I was also going to say that she's clearly not taken into consideration how this would ruin her mother. I remember you making the post a while back about moving your garden. (with her boyfriend helping you!)

    I thought maybe you were overreacting, but now it just seems like some amazing foresight.
  16. You don't know how fucking happy i was that i moved my garden a few months back. My one son in law and I were recently toying with the idea of starting another small grow here, boy am i glad we didn't get started on that, :smoke:

    Her Mother associated with her mainly because of the baby, she hasn't lived here since the last incident but recently began visiting her mom here and bringing the baby over. I think she either saw a receipt or heard us talking about growing and thought maybe we had already started back up again but we hadn't.

    Now she can never come here again, just cant take that chance.

    I am toying with selling my house and maybe moving across the state line and into ohio. Im to known here, i prefer to lie low under the radar.
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    Thats scary shit!!

    i got searched ones by the cops and they found my hash in my wallet took it out smelled it and kept it back in my wallet and let me go hahah he sayed he wasnt searching for hash. i was so fucking scared i was still 16 and in school i was worried about my future

    How is the shrooms going?

  18. Done! I harvested what was left, which will dry to about a 1/4 lbs and tossed the cakes, casings, everything. I cant take the chance on them coming back with another warrant. The cops know I'm up to something they just for what ever reason cant figure it out, they are thinking where there's smoke there's fire with all these accusations. Man my fuckin knees were shaking when they were in that room.
  19. I would figure after all these occasions they may just go ahead and figure now that the person whose always accusing is just a little out of it.
  20. hahah ofcourse man respect for honesty,no one would go through that without being scared.

    hate it when people act tough,thats great about the shrooms mine got contaminated i think one of my friends tried touching them or something

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