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Raid kills the bugs, also f'cks u up? (Another Laced Topic)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. i heard that some weed could be laced with raid (bug spray). Is this true?

    I remember when I smoked laced, that sh't messed me up. Here are some reasons why I noticed it was laced
    -Started to 'trance' out and actually thought I was talking to my mom who came home, busted me and cried and screamed leaving out the door. I chased her to thr corner by my house, then woke out of it standing in my living room.

    -Instead of usually being able to control myself and air out my backporch before my mom got home, I cracked out and knocked everything down looking for a spray, then started pouring lighter fluid on my porch.

    -Walking was extremely hard since everything was feeling like a dream.

    -When at the street, I looked a block away and thought I saw a girl, and actually thought my vision got better and zoomed in on her, then I waved to her.

    -On the way back, same thing, cept I thought it was my mom and waved happily. I later relized it was my mom, oh well.

    -I also have lil memory of the day, but my friend told me I also said I wanted to buy strawberries at walgreens.
    Now that was a high I'd never forget, and im actually willing to get that high again.
  2. People around here call that shit "Whack" ... be careful or you'll be in a hospital!
  3. my ex-girlfriend's brother in law accidently smoked some bud sprayed with raid, and he suffered brain damage. He had the mind of a fourteen year old, but he was 25 or something. He actually committed suicide last year, poor guy. So watch out for that shit, that's no joke man.
  4. i can't belive theres assholes out there spraying bud with raid.
  5. damn, sounds worst then I'd expect. i dunno if theres really any change in me, probably not cuz it was jus a j. It really did f'ck me up for 5-6 hours and I heard it was laced with raid. Luckily I never bought a dime off the lil bitch.
  6. Yeah, I'm really curious about this subject. I got high for the first time last night with a friend of mine. It was a blunt, and he told me it wasn't laced. Of all places, he takes me to the mall. We got tickets to see a movie, and of course I was getting all freaked out. My chest/heart was burning extremely bad, so I refused to watch the movie.

    I was paranoid as fuck. I thought his intentions were to rape me[which I still don't know if they were or weren't]. I called up one of my friends, who I know had done allllllll kinds of drugs before. She said from what it sounded like, it was laced with raid. So finally I called up my oldest sister and outted myself. My brother inlaw came and got me and brought me home.

    Now...lets not forget this was my first time getting high. I don't know if i just had a bad reaction to it, or if that shit was really laced. This would be "the next morning" and my chest feels all abnormally tight, and it's aching.

    Is that normal?
  7. don't smoke raid. ever. in fact, i would go so far as to say allowing anything designed to kill into my body is a bad idea. just a thought.
  8. What kind of idiot smokes weed laced with raid lol. I've never heard of such a stupid thing.
  9. Calm down :)

    I cannot say for sure that your weed was not laced, but it sounds like typical reaction from someone new. Paranoia is not so unusual amongst cannabis smokers. We've all experienced it a few times before, to certain degrees. Your friend should have helped you relax.

    Try it again some other day, but in a controlled environment. Perhaps home, watching a movie with a friend you can trust.
  10. Sounds like your just paranoid
  11. now that I think about, no one is stupid enough to smoke raid. you're just new
  12. Only time I smoked anything laced, it was with dust. It made me think I was in a hospital and I laid on my back in the bathtub for 4 hours.
  13. I play the game where I smell my bud before i buy it!
  14. wait, this is in season tokers why?
  15. yea i heard about this a minute ago...
    but it is usually sprayed on shwag 2 smell like dank...
    i dunno, i smoked sum herb sprayed w/ sumthing but i cud tell cuz it was all crackling and burning unusually. .
    i thru that shit out and changed dealers..
    but ive heard more frequently of perfume or smell good being sprayed on herb 2 make it more exotic smelling...
    fuck altering herb, thats 100% pure disrespekt in my book.:mad:

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