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  1. got stuck with the grow box, i got to wiring up the bulb holder and it doesnt work! i've done it 3 times and it still isn't working. any ideas why?
  2. This is a HPS i supose. Are you allowing the light to warm up? HPS take a minuite to start emiting light then they slowly increase brightness. othersise make shure you have the ignitor wired correctly. do you have a wiring diagram to work off of? Post a pic of the wiring you did and i will help. if you need a diagram i can post a pic on the one on my inverter.
  3. yeah post a pic, that'd be good
  4. dam, i lost my moms $500 digi shees pissed.. if/when i find it i will hook you up. Till then good luck.

  5. found it :D

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  6. Did you check your wires? Is it working now?
  7. i'll have another go tonite tell u how i get on
  8. I am very interested in setting up HPS lights but I have not clue #1 on how to wire them into my system... can someone post a wiring diagram or decent photo of how it all connects up?

    I assume all I need will be a 120v /15a /60hz household line (12-16ga wiring?), switchbox and/or duplex connection into a junction box, ballast connections to lamp and back.

    I got a remote weather station today so i can monitor the room's temp and humidity levels without going up in there. I just started building a serious grow room in a very inaccessable spot in the attic of my house (except to me, of course) I am documenting my progress in photos so ill try to post here eventually... I'm new at all of this and so far this site has had some great advice! :D

    Cheers all!:smoking:

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