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  1. anyone likin their new stuf..gona get the actually likin this new cd alot from what ive heard, its pretty cool, some trippy shit in there
  2. Radiohead, tool, and any trance is my life !!!

    Tom York is the fucking biggest weirdo I know of...and the most talented !!!
  3. i've pertty much heard the whole album now from radio and tv... but never in one sitting.

    it some excelent stuff. what we've come to expect from radiohead... to be forever moving on, reaching for that creative plateau that is always one step away yet alwys moving to higher ground.

    right now i think amnesiac is my fave... but i think that my change as i listen to more of hail to the theif.
  4. by far one of their tops cds unless of course your like me and consider them all to be amazing from the bends up to what can I say theyre just amazing, and yes the new cd is like aphex twin and radiohead merged together to form a massive power somewhere in between the two

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  5. The new cd is amazing.
  6. i love radiohead, i think the best cd is kida
  7. I've heard all of hail to the theif and it was very, very good. And the video for 'there there' is great, I'm almost sure it's based on an actual tripping experience.

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