Radiohead trippy music video. no cameras used

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    (edit: haha, i just realized fuzzylog1c already posted something about this, should have figured that since he was the one that actually showed it to me, my bad, but whatever)

    so there is this new technology out at UCLA that uses lasers to detect its surroundings and report it back to a computer in pure data format.

    anyways radiohead got a hold of this and used it to make a music video to a song called "house of cards" off their new album, and let me say, it is amazing.

    here is the making off video...

    here is the video that got put together (and remember, its always awesoem to watch the available videos in high quality)....

    and best of all when you are stoned, here is the actual data itself, with the song and everything added to it, so you can move it around yourself (and in the bottom left hand conner or other little things they scanned with it that you can mess with)

    haha, thanks fuzzylog1c for blazing with me and showing this to me. definatly made my high that more intestine. :smoking:

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