Radiohead pulled it off once more.

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  1. I just wanted to let you guys who haven't heard Hail to the thief yet, GET IT ON THE INTERNET.. Oh my god.. This is one of Radiohead's finest with Tom Yorke's outstanding lyrics, and the instrumentals done by the band. I was so amazed. Alright then.

  2. my mate rog has it.

    oh wow.

    i was imediately impresed.. but just know that its the type of album that has lasting apeal and is only going to get better.
  3. A friend just burned that CD for me, it's great. perfect for listening to stoned.

    I read in the new SPIN that Ed O'Brian, guitarist in Radiohead, is indeed a hippie and a pothead. I was overjoyed when I found this out. even more a reason to like Radiohead.
  4. arent they all on heroin or something too thats what i hear and i wouldnt doubt it hehe

    great band
  5. They all smoke, they just aren't as vocal.

    Hail To The Thief is amazing! "Backdrifts" is one of the best smoking songs ever, I swear. "I Will" has AMAZING harmonies, "Where I End And You Begin", and "2+2=5" are soooo good. Yes, buy this now. I'm flying to see them in SLC next month, right up front! YEAH!
  6. very chill album.....:)
  7. I just downladed the whole album, amazing!! :D
    I love the intro to Where I End And You Begin, I love the intros to all the songs, I love all the songs :D
  8. This is definitely a contender for Album of the Year...It will be on the top ten of every major publication. GUARANTEED.
  9. Dont d/l that shit, BUY IT! Very slow and old school radiohead style sounding wales by tom york. I thought it was a very impressive album, especially the last 2 songs. Almost giving me flashbakc sof the old creep days!!

    Buy a copy, but shit, if you dont have the bones go and d/l off Kazaa Lite.

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