Radio Shack Shatty Products

Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Radio shack sells shitty products and they know it.
    If you arent already hip to this fact, (which im sure most of you are) find somewhere else to buy your products.

    I stopped buying their products 10 years ago, but unfortunately my phone requires me to get one from them, that breaks after just 2 weeks. Even after trying to baby the product, it still breaks.

    Today I went in, and nicely went to talk to a manager, and when i asked for a better alternative to the product I wanted, they tried to sell me an entirely different product that was 3 times more expensive, and did 3 times more than what I needed it to (because it also did what i needed) When I expressed to them that they were trying to over sell me, they got defensive and rude.
    I expressed to them I will just do a product switch, and return it to another location 3 minutes later. She expressed to me, all products have this problem, (which after 15 years of listening to music have never had this or any issue realated) I said "Thats too bad, you guys should sell a better product" and left. As I was leaving, she murmured "you should do research on products"
    So bad I wanted to turn around and say something, but it just isnt worth it.

    Now granted, im sure you can buy a product from them and be happy, but I urge you, dont take the risk, find some where else. Insurance and product movement is what they live off of.

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