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  1. Radiant barrier insul roll 28"x12" Saw this at homedept today while i was pricing stuff for my first grow. I was wondering if anyone has ever used it or if this would be a good to use. It says it reflects 96% light energy so thats pretty good. Any input appreciated.

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  2. maybe. Is it mylar? however I would direct my funding towards the garden section or better yet your local independent nursery. Sphagnum peat, coconut husk, pumice, earth worm castings loaded with redworms, epsoma or other organic fertilizer, neem and kelp meal, the list goes on.
  3. For sure, trust me that was one small section of my list, home dept was a base price kinda thing and so i could see everything up close and think out my setup. I figured they would be most expensive, but from here ill check out the internet and other places. Also im not sure if its Mylar or not, i checked all over the thing when i was there and couldnt find anything that confirmed if it was or not.

  4. Wolfe, that is actually for mounting in your attic, strung across the roof rafters, to block radiated heat from coming through the roof and super-heating your attic. While it would work OK as a reflective wall surface, it's very expensive compared to mylar. A retail grow store will sell a 4'w X 25' long roll of 2 mil mylar for under $20; and a 50' roll for about $30. I'm told that Lowe's sells 2 mil mylar for even less.

    Flat white paint is a very good reflective surface (but mylar is better). If you can afford it, look for Orca Film - best reflectivity in the industry, washable, and at 11 mil thick it is tough as nails. It's $60 for a 25' roll but should last a very long time.

    Hope this helps, bestaluck to ya.
  5. Wolfe:

    I bought this radiant barrier insulation from this company and it works great. Shipped free next day via UPS. It is reflective aluminum not mylar though. It sounds like from the previous post that might be better?

  6. Hypnos, I know another member on here who is doing an attic build & this could be useful info for him. Did you use it for reflective lighting or for blocking heat from outside?

  7. I hope you mean 28'x12"
  8. Olde School:

    I used it for reflective lighting in a box. The thinner material or foil insulation is here. This is the stuff that is like the mylar you mentioned and I know is used in attics to keep the heat down. It will block heat and reflect light. I just didn't need that much material for my purposes

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