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  1. just got back from the mall, got about 6 t shirts, belt, watch and wallet....but the best part was i didnt have to pay for any of it

    for those of us that really hate society, and dont like spending $30 on a simple t-shirt, larceny is the way to go!

    i just wanted to hear some stories and methods that you guys use to get your shit the best way.....

    and if you dont steal....all the power to ya i respect you more than i can respect my self for putting up with the prices of quality items in todays world.
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    that's shitty dude. you're not exactly "sticking it to the man" or to the society that you seem to hate so much. you're just stealing from simple people who are trying to make a living to support their families (this is crossgates mall i presume?). how'd you like if someone had shattered your windows and stole the radio in your car after you came out of the mall?

    i understand times are tough, and probably will be for a while, but be a bigger man. respect yourself and what you do. as someone wiser than myself once told me, "your character is defined by what you do when you know nobody is looking."
  3. People still steal radios?

    Anyway I buy pretty much all my shit cuz pacsun, aeropostale, american eagle, affliction, and ed hardy clothes pretty much all have those ink things on them. I have at least 50 shirts from the above stores and I've never stolen any of them, wish I could though. I steal jeans/hats/sunglasses and shit whenever I get the chance.
  4. stealing isnt cool, it just makes you seem like an asshole
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    How can you use society to justify petty theft?

    Im convinced you have no idea.

    Still nice to see people stealing for the benefit of society.
  6. im embarassed to have thieves like you in GC.
  7. not really worth it imo.

    i dont really buy shit anymore jsut because im tired of buying shit, but when i do i buy shoes or whatever i buy from companies that arent part of the big corporations. thats how you stick it to them, you support the competition. stealing will just get you in trouble, brah.
  8. If you're stealin shit from old simple joe who owns the corner store, then I might have a problem because it has a direct impact on his income and his families well being.

    However if you steal from some corporation I do not have a problem with it. They don't need the money.
  9. oooh ya the one stoned girl sleeping behind the zumiez counter must have been ohhhh so hurt by the fact that i stole some t-shirts

    ive bought enough clothes from that store in the past to allow up to like 50 more t-shirts to be stolen and they still would be profitable. t shirts dont cost $30 to manufacture....

    and as i said....if u dont like it sorry....i'm not doing it to be cool or to stick it to society...i just want some free stuff cuz im sick of buying it
  10. Hell yeah, I got away with $200+ of small stuff + pants + shirts and shit from spencers/khols/sears all in under 2 hours.
  11. i could never trust a thief
  12. i dont steal, however i have no problem with others stealing from large corporations if they so choose. But what i would be worried about is doing time over a fucking t shirt

  13. nice shit man thats impressive

    i honestly see it more as an art form or a skill that people should respect, because i respect you guys for paying the prices. and around here you get charged with petty larceny which is basically the same as getting caught smoking in public. you wont have to do time, and you wont even get caught if ur smart about it. ALWAYS GO IN SOLO...going in with any other ppl is drawing attention.
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    "bury thieves with no headstones so they give back to the earth"

    Theres a quote from a killarmy song. Since ya like wutang and all lol. Do what you gotta do though....
  15. dude stealing is not that firee. go to the big cigar manufacturers and steal a blunt then smoke it all in your their face. is stealing so cool now brosephino?
  16. In the quiet words of the virgin mary,,,,,,,, cum again?
  17. I'm gonna say what would mary jane do so I will go smoke a fat blunt that you would not and could not steal. Okay?..,huh
  18. That shit isn't cool. Even big companies employ little people. The way to "get back" isn't to steal shit.

    Get a fucking job. Buy what you can afford. End.
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    You sir are a dick and a disgrace to mankind and the stoner community. There's so many things i could say to you but really cba wasting my breath. I think a nice neg rep should do the trick.

  20. What kind of praise do you really expect from us man? If you weren't trying to be cool you wouldn't come on here to brag about how much you've taken. You aren't kidding anyone.

    You aren't cool, it's not funny, it doesn't make you better than anyone, it's not an art form, and no matter what you say, there is no justification for it.

    With the economy as shitty as it is there aren't a lot of stores that can afford to have a bunch of brats stealing from them. It doesn't matter if you agree with their prices or not. You know what I do when I don't want to pay full price for something? Find a better deal or don't buy it at all.

    You aren't stealing from the employee, your stealing from the company. However, you indirectly put that persons job at risk. They can get fired for the simple fact that she didn't catch you stealing. Also, if enough moronic kids steal enough from the store they'd have to cut back on wages and either cut hours or let people go. Don't underestimate the power of your actions.

    With a good attorney you might be able to lower the punishment, but there is a chance of up to a year in jail. Is it really worth it? Not to mention that getting busted means you'll be shelling out more money than these items were worth in the first place.

    Have fun being a worthless piece of crap the rest of your life. :wave:

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