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  1. So I was smoke with one of my friends and he's black but he is super chill and dosent try to act like a gangster like some African America's do. So he spends the night at my place and we pick up a sack of some dank. So we put some bud in the grinder and load my bong bowl literally the most possible weed you could fit in it so probably 1.3. So we start smoking and shit and this bowl lasts like 6 or 7 big rips each, and then there's like .4 left so I'm like fuck I'll hit it all( I'm already super stoned 1 week t break) so it milk the shit outa it and my friend says It was straight white for like 15 seconds. I I clear it and exhale and cough a little bit but after that I was soo damn high, so let's get to my point of the post. We were just chillen watching tv but for some reason I felt like everything I'd say had a racist or gay intention it was weird. I think back on it now and I way probably just so high I was overthinking everything I was saying. This has never happened to me before and I'm not a racist person and I'm completely straight. Also I didn't even say like gay stuff like just simple shit, I was way to High to remember what stuff I exactly said.
  2. hahaha..
    like bob once said,

    "smoking herb reveals you to yourself"
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  4. Haha at the end you said "simple shit". That's not something a gay person would have, considering they have butt sex a lot. Stop making gay jokes dude! Mega sore ass! Ahh shit you've got me going!
  5. It's only gay if you make it gay
  6. I totally understand what you're saying, dude. When im REALLY high it feels like all I do is either say something about black people or gay people....i think its because they're taboo, and when we're high we're more likely to explore those mean things :smoke:

  7. Fixed.

  8. black people are taboo? :confused:
  9. like Fucking WHY?:confused:
  10. Dude, you're not racist and you're not gay; you're just trippin' too hard on all this shit is all. You have to lighten up on yourself a little bit and chill out. Relax and enjoy your high. Remember that people will forget what you say and what you do but they will never forget the way you made them feel. So when you're tokin' up with another dude, just treat your guest with courtesy and respect and I am sure your guest will be put at ease so that the both of you can enjoy your time together. Just chill. Stop trippin' on the little negative bullshit details and enjoy the weed with your buddy. :)
  11. Thinking your gay and being scared your gay doesn't mean your gay lol. You tripped to hard just think of happier thoughts next time or bring up a competing thought to over power your uncomfortable ones. You're not gay unless your attracted to men and you're not racist if your good friend is black. Chiiiiilllll
  12. Your like the white guy that married one of the foxxy females in sanford and son.. Acting all weird around the black people in fear of embarrassing yourself .. Don't worry op he's probly American just like you , not from the jungle
  13. i bought weed and my dealer was like this shit'll make you gay. i laughed. then some other time i bought some indica and he's like be careful this shit'll put your dick in the dirt.
  14. Well, then youre a racist gay...
  15. ohhh shiieettt mang, 1 week t break u musta been donezo like lorunzo

    sike 1 week doesnt do shit

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