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  1. Why do people hate each other based on race in 2011? I notice these London riots in the beginning were over the police wrongfully blowing away a young black guy. Then naturally it became my generation in England deciding now was the time to lash out. But aside from religion (not bashing religion, I just know some people will drop it as the "obvious" answer), what the fuck drives people to hate? This is the pipe talking for sure, but I wonder if the human genome project will uncover some kind of genetic issue linked to racial hatred. To me that would make a lot of sense. I've heard the poverty argument, but there are the dirt poor in all races so that's just class jealousy IMO.

    /end rant.

    Any opinions? I'd love to see some like..multiracial viewpoints. So chime on in everybody, take a hit and contribute some thoughts, it don't matter how you look offline.
  2. It's not racism until you say it is.....I fuck with my friends about their color and all they do is just laugh and pass the joint, were all a happy racist family I guess...

    As for other people, I know what you mean, fucked shit has been going on. But something grand is gonna happen soon, and the government will react to it in such a unprecise way that all the believers will not believe once more...... I can just see it happening one day
  3. Well yeah bro regarding your first paragraph people joke around and shit. my group of friends in college was the same way and that was fucking fun shit. I'm talkin about what drives these hood wearing cross burning types. Second paragraph, my fears exactly. People probably feel kept down here hate to say. We've still come a long way in 50 years in the USA though.
  4. It's not hate, it's ignorance.
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    When I was growing up in the 70's and early 80's, racism was still pretty bad in the USA

    I'm 40 yrs old now and ashamed of the descrimination and hatred I've seen towards "Blacks" in my youth

    Projects were still common in the 70's and early 80's. Some of them were called Wards like 5th ward in new orleans. Trust me, you'd never want to live in one of these places

    AFrican AMericans wre still marginalized and all the suburban neighborhoods I ever went to were filled with white people ~ except for the token rick black family that lived down that street...

    What's happening now in 2011 is a new thing to the USA. Things started to really change after the Rodney King police brutality case in the Mid-90's in Cali. Electing an AFrican AMerican President has really changed things even more. Now every African AMerica will grow up know they can be the President of the USA

    But there still lots more progress to be made in the USA

  6. is that what its over? story seems to change, last i heard it was over lack of jobs.

    anyway, im sure you've heard the quote " What man does not understand, he fears; and what he fears, he tends to destroy" this pretty much explains it, instead of talking about it or figuring it out(scientists) we've had the misfortune of being led by idiots that fear the unknown n call it evil instead of embracing it to make it known.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2d2SzRZvsQ]Morgan Freeman on Racism - YouTube[/ame]
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    The biggest thing I've noticed is that it is a culture clash. People don't like it when a certain culture is pushed on them... For instance, my neighbor gets annoyed because he has to listen to his other neighbors stereo all the time. He's a country music lover through and through and he hates it when he has to listen to a rap song vibrating through his walls. He'll come out of his place yelling all kinds of obscene remarks about black people, using the "N" word, but I know he has some black friends so It isn't like he hates all black people, but when he gets upset about his neighbors, it sure does look like he is racist.

    The same can be said for non race issues. I know it irritates me that there is so much gay stuff in the media and it's always in my face. It's not that I hate gay people, I just hate it being shoved in my face everywhere I look and that can be irritating so if I say something about it, people think I'm hating on gay people, which I'm not.

    I think it all comes down to respect. We need to respect each others culture and not shove our cultures, our way of life, into other peoples face. We need to stop and think about our actions and realize that we may be invading somebody elses way of life. I'm sure I'm guilty of it too. We're human. We make mistakes and we just need to put our pride aside and stop thinking "I'm better than him because..."
  9. it's hate because you judge it so, it's racism because you were told it was.

    Be judicious not judgmental

    Broad terms are the tool of tyranny.
  10. Ignorance really, the Left Brain's need to file and organize everything into categories and distinctions. One day we will all realize that we are the same.
  11. Honestly, I've seen more racist black people than I've seen racist white people.
  12. It's all about fear. Man is a fearful breed who likes only what he/she knows and can identify with. Your different so I fear you, which leads to dislike. This opposition leads to violence. Reoccurring violence leads to hate. This type of scenario can happen though any differences that one notices. Race may breed the most hate because it's very easy to tell if another person is asian, european, african, or arabian descent. People as a whole have been getting past the whole notion of I am better or worse than you because I have a different race, culture, religion or lack there of, or sexual orientation. Hopefully we will we keep progressing.
  13. The only time now I see blatant racism now is from who are clearly ignorant, or it's a joke and not meant to be racist but it's taken wrongly. I see words as words. What I look for is the persons emotion when they say these types of things. It's quite easy to distinguish if someone meant to be a dick, or was just joking.

    The problem is, some people simply hear a negative word said, be it a swear word or a racial word, and they instantly freak out because they heard that word but didn't even register what else the person said.

    People at my school say the "n" word all the time, and nobody cares, including blacks. It obviously be different though if someone walked up to a random black person and called them one. It's the same with words like Bitch and Fag. People call each other these terms without actually meaning them, and so its not offensive usually.

    The younger generation seems to understand this more, while the older generations seem to be astounded whenever one of these words is mentioned..

    For instance, I personally rarely see actual racism in my town, but I asked my mother if she saw any racism here and she said she saw it all the time. It seems to be fading out as new generations are born. Like Freeman said, we just need to forget about it.
  14. I live in South Africa. I've watched Apartheid fade and a country wide white rejection of racism and prejudice.

    Now I'm watching a shocked white population reeling under a surge of black racism...

    The pendulum swings...
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    We have been particularly hard on african americans in the usa

    Just look at some of the words! slave, ******, 'black' person, 'colored' person....these are harsh words

    And the USA has enslaved 'them', segregated 'them', killed 'them' and imprisoned 'them' w/o reason or proof of criminal action, hung 'them' dead in trees, put 'them' in projects and left 'them' to the inner city while white people built new homes and new lives in the sub-urbs. 'They' have even been criticized for being poor, 'they' have been accused of 'taking welfare' and being 'crack-heads' with 'nappy hair-do's'......and even after all this, it is often suggested that 'blacks' have larger dicks than white guys!!

    How much worse can it get?

    In reality, what the USA has done against African Americans is a Crime Against Humanity that has been going on for more than 225yrs. Slavery began before the USA was born into a country starting in 1776. From what I understand ~ the Slave Trade began in the late 1600's!!!

  16. Shit happens, and guess what? Africans weren't the first slaves, and their living conditions were much better than slaves in the past. Maybe the problem is people need to stop thinking about the past and think into the future.

  17. Exactly. What happened in the past, is simply the past. Modern people are not the same as people from the past. We have learned from the mistakes made, and its over. There's really no reason to feel pity or act like whites are horrible for what happened back then. We are not the slave masters or slaves of back in the day so for anyone to hold a grudge now is ridiculous. (White or black or any other race)
  18. I think it is becuz to make money, you need to have money, or to succesful and rich, you need to be somewhat finacially privleged to start. Not saying.you cant be one of those "rags to riches" storys (becuz yes it is entirely possible) , but it is 1000x more difficult if your poor.

    Now why iam I talking about money? Becuz money is the root of all evil (or maby its the part in us humans that love money/power), money (well..and maby religion) is the reason for all the trouble/hate, wars,divorces, killings, bad we have in this world, but unfortunatly we need money.

    Now how dose this relate to races?
    Well (at least where im from) hispanics, latinos, blacks, samoans, or minoritys in general , work blue collar jobs, so most (not all) dont get paid all that great, bust their ass, and gotta take orders from somone else (typiclly white-collared people), as to where white,middle eastern, indian, asian are more white color job-working type people, so they tend to make more money/have more power.
    Now im not saying a white guy is never a janitor or a lowly paid factoy worker, or a black or hispanic cant be a CEO, or a doctor, its just far less common. Now all the kids from more "financially backed" familys have a better success rate for high-position jobs, so it just keeps the cycle going, as to poor familys get the kids working soon as their 16-a
    18 to help the family out with bills/money so thus, giving less oportunitys to focus on school and get a great career.

    fact is , its all about money/power and a lil religion, and these 3 things are something humans will never give up, so unfortunatly racism will never leave,all we can do is try our best to keep it as low as possible.

    People will always hate on whoevers on the top (black,white, mexican or chinese) and thats just the way it is...
  19. He was some gangbanger so fuck him.

    Also, multiculturalism doesn't work.
  20. "Racism" when used in comedy can be pretty hilarious

    But actual real racism is the dumbest shit ever.
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