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  1. to start, i would like to say im white but what the hell is with all these racist threads about stereotypes and what not? probably 15% of the threads each day are "i feel like i'm black today" or something similar. Also, within threads i have seen slurs such as cheap jew, n**ger and such.

    what is the city coming to? we are becoming our own enemies. we are telling the world that that us tokers are untolerant of others and we dont respect differences.

    im sure most of you wont care, but if this crap continues ill be taking a break from the site, and thats for sure.
  2. what if i am untolerant of others? i dont consider myself a racist but i definetly cannot say i feel the same about people of middle eastern descent as other white americans like myself are you saying im a bad person?
  3. yeah because what the fuck did the majority of the middle east do to fucking you? a group of extermists blows up the WTC and now all of the middle east is out to get the whitey! Come the fuck on.....
  4. well, if you are untolerant of others, then you should keep it to yourself rather than brag about it and spread your negative propaganda around.
  5. exactly what it is, propaganda.....
  6. This is a free country, and this is the internet. Intolerance is a fact of life. If you want to all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, go right ahead.
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    we don't have to hold hands but why don't we all just contribute to, and roll a fat ass blut together
    then we can see how tolerant people really are (sorry for the lame joke)
    but hey racism is pointless,it just makes you look like an ignorant asshole, that and where the hell does racism get you? except maybe in the clan...
  8. Now, I'm not denying that there are true racists here in the city (though I haven't seen any true racism yet), but you can't take someone's words and twist them around to your own interpretations. Cultural differences exist whether or not we want them to, but to accept them we must not take them too seriously. You're talking, however, about the grasscity community as a whole - now friends, would be able to take mild jokes about a stereotype or category they fit into (I'm french, I should know). If the joke went too far, they'd tell the person so in a respective matter. Enemies would take every joke as personally offensive to them, immediately attacking and judging the person. Are we friends or enemies? You tell me.
  9. Racism is not tolerated here at the city. If you see a thread with racism in it, report it. -Trikky
  10. It all depends on where you're raised. Personally, I never went to school with nor knew an African or Latino American until college, so obviously my views on race will be different than someone who grew up in a more diverse area.
  11. Very few threads are actually racist. I've seen maybe two or three this week. I made a thread about stereotypes, but I was asking others if there are any they believe. That's not racist, it's a discussion that had the potential to become racist (like all other discussions). Racism on this site isn't rampant. Stop complaining.
  12. As trikky said, racism isn't tolerated here. If you see it, please report it. We don't need members who hate others to be chillin' here. The City is way too diverse to accept racism on any level. I don't care how long someone has been a member or how many green bars they have...it's not tolerated.

    The whole "free country" and "internet" arguments don't float. We don't all live in the same country and regardless of this being the internet, this site is owned by Superjoint and if he chooses to not allow racism here (and he doesn't) then that's the way it is. He'd rather shut the City down than allow hate to spread throughout it.
  13. I agree, this is a message board owned by someone and what they say goes. If they say you can only post once a day well then you better only post once a day...you know just wanted to use some extreme example that would never happen but you know what im saying.
  14. I'd like to point out than any posts that may seem racist by me, are not intended to be racist. :smoking:

    Like in that token black guy thread.
  15. I'm not racist. But there are lots of ppl who are racist toward me. And i'm white. So i have a hard time feeling sry for ne one else, when i get discriminated against too.
  16. Awww I just got an infraction in that thread. :(

  17. i believe it was an old wooden ship, used in the civil war era. nobody really knows tho, it was lost in translation hundreds of years ago


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