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  1. this is a short film made by a friend to bring attention to racism today, as well as to highlight some dancing and basketball. It's a tad on the long side but the story will pull you in right away, it's so good its already been nominated for 3 academy awards; not really, but it could be. anyway watch it.

    "Rebound" - A Film By Chris Albright - YouTube
  2. pretty damn bad
  3. the racism in basketball is that it was created by a white guy and stolen by black people

    no really but I'll watch it later

  4. shit whenever i used to play i always suffered from racism because i was white. but i let my playing do the talking and by the time i was finished playing for the day, i usuley would gain the respect of many who gave respect.

    but you know what? i didnt complain about being a victim. people who bitch never get any respect.
  5. [quote name='"letsmokeasweet"'] i usuley would gain the respect of many who gave respect.[/quote]

    Wow, I never would have thought that
  6. I've always gotten "for a white guy you can sure shoot"
  7. yea thats what i was good at was shooting.
  8. Im from the hood and I admit that stereotypin does go down...double on the bball court. The good news is if u have skills, you just gained a bunch of new black friends in an enviroment where the majority is black. Unlike the high life, where if a black man comes up and buys a ferrari, the police would beat dat ass for days.
  9. Yeah I've always found that you're accepted for how you play.

    I mean, at one court I'll play at they call me 'Light' 'cause I'm the only white kid there hahahaha, but since I can hoop, its no problem.

    At the y, its the same. As soon as you prove you can hoop, no one gives a shit what color my skin is.

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