racial profiling much? [thank god]

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  1. okay so im asian im not yellow like a banana im tan my eyes arent fucked up but you can still tell im asian [but yea its racial profiling]

    anyway tonite i was pickin up some shit from my dealer and i was only like 2 minutes from my place when i saw the red and blue lights in my rearview mirror [the guy was drivin some car that i recognized awhile back near my dealers place and i guess he was all undercover cuz he wasnt drivin a reg police car] but yea im like shitt

    everything was hidden well but long story short i roll down the window he looks at me i sort of stutter cuz im nervous as hell and i guess he thinks i cant speak english he winds up sendin me on my way without even searchin me!!!!!

    yes i was pissed that i was stereotyped like that but oh thank lord :hello:<--[me praising]
  2. racial profiling is a mo-fo.....

    .........................[​IMG] <INPUT id=chk_18 onclick=objThumbview.handleImageCheck(event); type=checkbox value=racial_profiling.jpg name=selectedmedia[]>:eek:
  3. LMAO :eek: :laughing:
  4. Sawrey sir:smoke:

  5. Why is there a lil check box next to your post, wtf is that?

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