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  1. Time after time, I've heard people say... "I'm proud to be white".. "I'm proud to be black".. "I'm proud to be so and so"
    Can someone please explain to me what this means exactly, and why anyone would be proud to be a color? You're taking pride in something you had nothing to do with. It's no different than going around with a sign that says you're proud to have fingers, or you're proud to have ears. You're poking your chest out, proud just to be you without doing anything constructive. It's a white supremacists philosophy, and no one should adopt it. 

  2. Racism has two qualities to it. It is both shallow and deep. Shallow in that it is a petty, trivial difference, and deep in that one who discriminates on the basis of racism is deeply confused and ignorant. Because it is deeply entrenched in the idea 'I am the body', it not only serves to divide oneself from one's real nature, but also does not honour the Self that is the same for all people. It is separation within separation, confusion upon confusion. Racism is among the strongest of egoic attachments, because it is complete association with form (the body) but also association with the differences within form (discrimination based on appearance).
  3. People who say that are stupid. I don't even say I'm proud to be an American, I'm just me. Why should I be proud of being me if I'm going to be me regardless.

    Probably doesn't make sense.....
  4. I was about to say, I don't see any big difference between racial pride and nationalistic pride. Or any, really :confused_2:
    Eh, it's not my cup of tea. Be proud of your race, be proud of your country, be proud of 'your' team, that neither you nor anyone you know has ever played for, whatever it may be. No skin off my ass. Just don't dig too sucked into it all, and bring others down with you....
    I think it's a black supremacist's philosophy.
    What are black people supreme over?
  7. Yeah I don't get being proud of your race. Being thankful on the otherhand...
    White athletes, for starters.
  9. Jingoism aside, people should be proud of their heritage. Not necessarily the bad parts of it. But all races have contributed significantly to the development of society, and that is what should be celebrated. Look at America. Are we perfect? Hell no. But we are making great strides. The arrogance and ignorance of prejudice stems from fear not pride. It is the fear that your heritage, is going to be somehow lessened by advancement of other cultures, races and ideologies. And that your heritage will cease to be or be rewritten in the annals of history. It is this form of jingoism that is most destructive. Because if you allow your history to dictate your future, than your heritage becomes stagnate, and what you fear will happen, and by your very own hand. While others advance through acclimation of their cultures and races yours will cease to exist because of dwindling numbers or genetic mutations from inbreeding.
    What black hockey player is greater than Wayne Gretzky? Your comment is opinionated, see?
    I don't know anything about sports.
  12. I'm proud to be white because blacks can say it so can I Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I'm proud to have a dick.  I can whip that thing out anywhere if I really gotta take a piss
    But iffa brudda sez dat, den izz okay. But izt racist if a w'ite cracka like you sez it. :mad:
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    Fear is traveling on the right path. This fucking guy ^ represents the prevalent ignorance in our society. Somehow the issue always gets turned into "if they can do it, so can I." Such logic has never been sound.
    Stating that you're proud of your race this day in age seems a little misguided to me. At present people of all races make up a pervasive western culture rather than individual "race" groups. As such, there are a multitude of commonalities amongst people all over the world, not just America. So what exactly are you proud of if you're proud to be black, white, red, yellow? If I was to say that I am proud to be white (which I wouldn't) I imagine it would be because of the great accomplishments of the white man, right? Wrong. White or not, any accomplishments made by people similar to me were a result of their culture - its practices, beliefs, norms, etc - not of their skin color. 
    "But there are white cultures and black cultures!" cries Danerrr and every other misguided mind in our country. Wrong again. We live in a multicultural country where every "race" group has contributed something significant to our way of life. The only individual cultures that I recognize within the greater Western culture we live in are class cultures. The differences between middle-class and low-income cultures are apparent, but still not incredibly stark.
    Be proud of your culture and what it has contributed to our present way of life; respect and adopt practices from others. Don't be a shallow idiot who is proud of the color of their skin.
  16. who knows man
    black people have been shit on pretty badly through history so if you're proud of being black then I think that's cool, it's cool to be proud of your race and the progress your race has made. but yeah it doesn't make sense to be proud of being black just becuz that's how you are. same with being a nationalist and shit like that.
    I think its cool to make jokes and stereotypes too though, its better to enjoy the differences between races/countries/cultures/sexualities and make fun of them instead of acting like we're all the same when we're not. I think people say 'Don't worry, they're just like us' because they're scared of the unknown.
    Now isn't that just being what you are then?.....  :smoke: 
    If you don't mind me asking.... What color are you?
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    Aye.... Humans at times could be considered to be the physical evil manifestation of retardation. 
    Very much agree with your statement. 
  19. Black people in America get a pass because they don't have a nationality or specific culture to be proud of except for the shared experiences of racism and neglect most blacks had to endure as slaves, and before the Civil Rights movement.
    The majority of African Americans that have been in the USA for generations would have a slave ancestor, and even the few who were 'free blacks' in the North during slavery could be subject to lesser rights as an individual than their white country men.
    Those ancestors were from a specific tribal groups in Africa, but when they were forcibly sold into slavery (sometimes by rival African tribes to white slave masters), their whole culture down to their county of origin (which didn't even exist until Europeans drew arbitrary lines on a map of Africa denoting which colonies belonged to certain European nations), to their religion, and even their tribal names were stolen and sometimes their children.
    All blacks have solidarity in this struggle, and if you are mostly black, it is impossible to hide in your skin color and facial features so blacks can't hide from being seen as second class citizens. (the 'One Drop' rule)
    So that's why some blacks are so adamant about being prideful in their black skin, because it identifies a shared burden of many blacks that can't be erased.
    All you white people who want to be proud of your skin color just because you lack melatonin because black people do it, might be missing the point, or not paying attention to history.
    You have a family history that can be identified, so if you have ancestors from a specific nation like France or Germany, you can be proud of that if you if you so desire. Many white Americans today are a mix of different European nationalities, so they can't really claim to be anything but American if they went abroud, but they can be proud of the fact they are a unique mixture of nationalities if they want to as long as they have some perspective on it.
    Most white immigrants eventually benefited and became part of the white majority even though in the early history of America, the white majority was even more inclusive than it is today.
    For example, not too long ago, only Anglo-Saxon Protestants were only considered white in America.
    Irish, Italians, and Jews were considered to be minorities like Black people today.
    Over time, these groups gained autonomy in America, and assimilated into the white majority due to intermarrying, and associating with the group in power (wealthy whites) so they wouldn't be held back by being identified as people of color and it would be in the best interest of people who like "white" to band together.
    The 'white majority' had to become bigger and more inclusive because minorities like blacks, Asians, and Latinos wanted more access to opportunities traditionally held by white people, and more inclusion in America society.
    I'm not saying white people who are born after the Civil Rights movement have anything to do with what some white people did in the past, but they can benefit in it from ways that people of color can.
    This is just all my opinion based on books, classes I've taken, and conversations I've had. If you want be proud of the fact you have a certain hue of skin which doesn't have much biological reason to consider someone with darker skin a different type of human being, go ahead, it is no skin off my back. Unless you are infringing on the rights of others through racism and supremacy, than I will fight you tooth and nail. I'd think that about everyone who would want to be proud of the color of their skin, white and black, but I do believe we have to understand our past so we don't repeat it. So if we put the past into context, we can understand why we have the attitudes on race that are held in the United States. We should all acknowledge this and work to treat everyone with respect no matter where their family may have been from, because we are all in this hellish existence together, so we might as well not hate each other,
  20. Please don't spout ignorance...


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