Rachel Ray Sucks

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    I don't get it, she is really not interesting in the kitchen. I watch food network a lot for inspiration in the kitchen to implement into my own cooking.

    I think she sucks,

    who is your favorite Chef? why?
  2. I don't have a fav. chef, but i think Rachel Ray is alright.
  3. I like watching Alton Brown..

    reminds me of back in the day when I watched Bill Nye the science guy
  4. I like Alton Brown as well. I used to watch his show all the time but I guess he doesn't come on anymore or something, haven't really been looking for his show. I do like to watch that Giada De Laurentis but not really for the cooking.

  5. I like watching cooking shows. Even stuff on youtube is entertaining, like Simply Sara and Drunken cooking.


    She has big boobies.

  6. her OVER Pronunciation of Italian words makes me want to punch her in her face.
  7. calzonies brah :smoke:
  8. i'd fuck the shit outta rachel ray. i just have a thing for rich white milfs

  9. GOD she's annoying.. and her teeth are huge. lol & I too love Alton Brown.. I like how he gets into the science behind the cooking, and always gives fun facts.. he also takes his show to another level of creativity than others do with the characters and storyline and whatnot.
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    I wasn't aware that she talked... I'm usually just staring at the cleavage.


  11. yeah i completely agree
  12. Julia Child is the G.O.A.T.


  13. Jacque is cooler

  14. dude i agree. rachael ray does suck. her food is always the same shit too. like burgers or pasta. and her voice is annoying as fuck. she used to be cool though before she became a mega star

    tyler florence's tyler ultimate show and ina garten show are the best thoguh. theyre classy as fuck and always make me hungry. i just bought tyler florneces cookbook now on amazon too just to read it haha
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22ktKVbAFlo]YouTube - Lil B Cook Steak Knife(Rachael Ray)Based[/ame]

  16. yeah her horse throat voice really bothers the sheeeeit out of me
  17. Whos this female you talk about?
  18. Omg I saw her show on travel channel 40 dollars a day or something like that and she seems like a big cunt.

    Her voice is a dudes, and her whole attitude is grotesque.


  19. hahah i know right, some episodes i have watched of hers it seems like just DOES NOT WANT to be doing the show. zero freaking enthusiasm, and when she does display emotion it looks like she is forcing it.. totally not quality - i dunno how this bitch continues to have followers because she sucks

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