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  1. i was wonderering how to keep off small mammles (like rabbits) from your plants. i heard that spreading calone around the area will help. i had this problem last year when they ate them when they where like 3 inches tall.:mad: any ideas?
  2. I use chickenwire fencing, about 18 inches high. If you're not on your property just check out a garden supply store, especially online. There's a ton of stuff in spray and granule form you can use. You can even try growing marigolds around the area, unless it would draw too much attention.:)
  3. Shit, I just linked the two together! All my buds getting eaten, Rabbits lying around in my garden all day...damn :D
  4. chicken wire, its thin , easy to cut and bend , just wrap some around each plant , hell you can even paint it green or stick some plant life in the holes to hide it....:hello:

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