Rabbits Droppings.

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  1. I know this maybe sound a little unusual to some people but when my rabbits have left droppings indoors when they come in i put some of their droppings in a normal plant and a few weeks later i had noticed how much more groth and how more healthy the plant looked.

    I then did some research tonight and found a article which said the following.

    So it got me wondering if i gathered all thier dry little droppings up and put them in a soil mixture would it be good for a marijuana plant.

    If so i might get some good soil with no nutrients as such and then use rabbits droppings
    too give the plant its goodness.

    It will be free ,natrual and organic.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. It's a good idea to let the rabbit droppings compost for awhile. Any fresh manure will burn your plants when not allowed to age. It is a great fertilizer, just make sure to let it age a bit.

  3. Sorry to sound dumb but how would i compost it ? would leaving it in a pile for a while do it? or mixing it in with soil and leaving the soil in a dry place for a while.
  4. Not a dumb question at all......It will compost as it ages. Find some of the shit that's been under the hutch for a couple of months, shovel it over on itself. It's just better not to use it straight out of the rabbits pooper. Any fresh manure is super strong, and should not be used when it's still steaming:D If you do use it, do so sparingly. Good luck and great find.
  5. Yes rabbit shit is probably about the "hottest" manure you can get. Make sure it is well composted before using it or you'll definitely scorch the shit outta your plants.
  6. if the rabbit ate food that had pesticides would it make any difference?
  7. No.....
  8. Thanks for the info. My 4 rabbits produce plenty of droppings. I will save them and bag them.
  9. good rule of thumb with rabbit manure is:

    compost or delay planting for 3 weeks.

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