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  1. Has anyone every used Rabbit Manure and if so what were your results from growing in it? I really just want to know is it a good investment so i dont have to by bat guano or any sort of fertilizer if i use Rabbit Manure. But i also realize i will have to by a cage and have arrangements for winter so it doesnt freeze to death:(:( poor bunny:(

    BUT anyway i know this isnt the bunny forums but i have heard when grown properly rabbit manure can be one of the best manures hands down..... I would like to know if this is accurate and your opionions of all the organic growers in the city:smoke:
  2. I use rabbit poop, has alot of nitrogen and potassium I like it alot.
  3. do you make it yourself from rabbits you own??
    And if you live in maine how do you keep them warm in the winter?
  4. Well their my moms rabbits but she lets me come take their poop, and her cages just have a enclosed box with shavings in it and they usually make a bed in there, she uses a lobster trap connected to a wood box for hers lol
  5. Thanks for your reply, what about the winter do you know? and do you use it directly into the soil or do you dry it first?
  6. Yeah thats what they live in during the winter, and I always take her oldest stuff thats been sitting for a bit its hard to burn with rabbit poop I've found
  7. Rabbit manure is an excellent choice of manure for use in compost! If you have a compost bin and want the expense and effort of keeping livestock, then go for it.
  8. Thought it might save me some money. Is there anyway you could mix rabbit manure into coco?
  9. Rabbit manure is a cold fertilizer - meaning it can't burn plants.
  10. Man I'm on my first grow and I bought rabbits specifically for it and it's completely worth it. I feed them a mixture of alfalfa pellets and random wild greens. Cheap efficient ferts man. You can make it into a tea or mix it in with the soil. I prefer the tea so far and my babies just ate it up in veg, one word of caution if you apply during flowering make it light I'm using Roots Organic soils and had a few nitrogen overdose issues.
  11. Rabbit manure is my main food for my worms. Yes. great stuff.

  12. Ayuh. A true Maina.

    Wuzzup Jpinkham.
  13. Rabbit manure is reported to be stronger than chicken manure and if you use chicken manure when they clean out the house while it is fresh it will kill your plants within a few days. Manures need to be "gone thru a heat" (composted) as we call it this removes all the ammonia in the manures. But if you were to apply it to the soil atleast 1 month before planting and mixed into the soil it is safe if you are using fresh manures. If the manures have been composted it is perfectly safe to apply directly anytime.
  14. This is an excerpt from a University of Kentucky study about manures in gardens.
    Remember that some types of animal manures have higher nitrogen contents than others (see Tables 1 and 2). These include horse, sheep, chicken, and rabbit manures. These are sometimes referred to as "hot" and are best used after composting. Cow and hog manures are considered "cold" because of their lower nitrogen levels.

    Source Water % N\t P\t K
    Beef cattle\t80\t0.70\t0.45\t0.55
    Dairy cattle\t84\t0.60\t0.25\t0.60
    Laying hens\t75\t1.00\t1.25\t0.50
    Broilers (litter)1\t30\t2.95\t2.75\t1.85

    Manures are either "hot" or "cold" based on their nitrogen content. Rabbit is high is N, so it's actually a "hot" manure and should be composed before use.
  15. [quote name='"jerry111165"']

    Ayuh. A true Maina.

    Wuzzup Jpinkham.[/quote]

    Haha yep, I live on the coast so lobster traps and fish totes are used quite frequently on random stuff, like my dirty clothes basket being a fish tote lol
  16. Whats a manure with a higher Phos and Potash which would be better for flowering other than bat guano?
  17. I raise and breed meat rabbits here in southern Michigan, mine stay in hutches next to the chicken coup. In winter I put osb over two sides of the hutch leaving the bottom and front wire exposed. They do just fine that way as they are cold weather animals, they kindle several litters of offspring in the winter and the babies stay plenty warm in the nest box with just the fur that the mother pulls from herself. Those cute little fuckers taste great as well. First time I cooked one my wife and two young kids were sucking meat off the bones it was so damn good.

  18. ^^^^That^^^^^

    Really old school is to simply place/nail some 1"x6" or so around the uprights of the cage. When it starts to collect, chunk some worms in there. They will probably come on their own, outside.

    You have a source of rabbit poo, worms are easy.


  19. Damn man im also in southern Mi, And thank you for your input very much but what is osb that you put by there hutchs in the winter?
  20. osb is wood, you might know it as particle board, comes in a 4x8 sheet

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