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  1. i know a guy named shane that used o ripp me and my frined david off when we were kids.I.E. take our weed,money,booze,but fortunatley for us,not the girls(this is one ugly stinky, cross eyed mofo)

    on with the story..........

    one night me and my frined were walking along the street that i lived on in tierrasanta,san diego smoking a few dubes.We decided to go see who was at the park which was the typical smokers spot.we see a guy with his head down on a bench and a gallon bottle of jack daniels next to him. by the time we arrived it was almost empty.needles to say this guy was FUCKED UP! so we start throwing rocks at him and he looks up.we realized it was shane and had thoughts of beating his ass. but we decided against it.by now me and my frined had grown alot and could easily take out this dude with no problems. so we had no fear of him any more. so we go sit with him on this bench and start swigging on his bottle. then he wakes up again and asks us to smoke him out .we said we diddnt have any ,which was a lie since me and him put together had probaly a q.p. of the krons. so shane pulls out his little pipe and we continue to say we dont have any weed. to be a dick head my frined david pulls out his bag and starts to roll a spilff right in front of him.shane knew he couldnt physicly take anything from us anymore because our boxing skills had much improved since the last time he tried that. so he perceeds to beg and plead for us to smoke him out. this guy was so drunk he actually starts crying because we wont smoke with him. as my frined is rolling the joint a nug falls out and i reach down to pick it up. but the first thing i saw was a rabbit pellet. so i picked it up and showed it to my frined.david knew what i was holding and also knew what i was thinking.he then said"here shane you can smoke this bit that fell out the joint. so shane hastily recieves the rabbit pellet and begins to smoke it . on the first hit the rabbit doo actually caught on fire. shane couldnt even tell the difference he was so drunk.needles to say i was laughing so hard that i was litteraly shedding tears.we continued to give him rabbit pellets off the ground and he continued to blaze them up in his "sneak a toke "pipe. we continued to laugh and shane had no idea what he was smoking.after we got tired of feeding him the shit and felt sorry for him we told him what he was smoking and began to cry like a babby. the liquor makes men do strange things. he was litteraly sobbing. i felt sorry for him so i let him in on one bowl that we passed around. but i sure as hell diddnt use shanes pipe.

    Shane continues to smoke from this pipe to this day.alos to add to the humor,this guy is 22 years old and still lives with his parents.he doesnt work and hasnt even finished high school. his big thing to do around the neighboor hood is to fuck girls from the age of 13 to 16. this guy is a sick fuck and i hope none of you reading this article feel sorry for him. by the way.....shane i hope you read this you cross eyed bitch.and if you are reading that was me who stole your neckless and pissed all over you when you were passed out behind the church
  2. The guy might be a bastard but it seems like he got what was coming to him without you doing a thing. Bad karma will do that to a person. As for you...

    ...maybe you should think about giving someone a hand the next time you get a chance.
  3. you are what we call a "captain save a hoe"
  4. Damn, we shouldn't have people like you here in the city man. Throwing rocks at a drunk before you knew who it was? That's fucked up man.
  5. don't know what pussy ass city your from but i live in big bad ass S.D. if you cant handle the heat then get the fuck out the kitchen trick.
  6. I have pride for my ability to stay calm in many situations... BUT YOU'RE AN EVIL FUCKING CUNT AND I HOPE YOU CATCH SYPHILLIS AND DIE!!!
  7. look her you flaming, rainbow smily face faggat. i will curb stomp you and then piss in your fucking ear. after that ill tear out your eyes with a fork and skull fuck you!!!!!!!1 you hear that,you pansy ass trick
  8. Yeah bitch....but you'd have to get through me first....

    And trust me, your little pre-mature horny ugly self wont be able to do that.

    Now son....you must leave the forum....forever...or i'll throw you in a jail cell with Jeffrey Dahmer.
  9. 'big bad SD'?

    get a life, I'd like to see you throw rocks at or insult someone other than drunks and random pot smokers online. where I'm from you'd get your ass handed to you in a bucket.
  10. This guy must be a big looser
  11. LOL!!!!

    This is fun :D
  12. thats right bob.this guy must be a real cool dude. I wist i could make a drunk fucker smoke rabit shit. your kind of a pussy.

    big man cool guy.

    have a good day.
  13. Hey guys and gals. Lets get this thread to something constructive or else this thread will be deleted.
  14. If every single one of you just donated like 500 dollars to me i'd probably have enough for one of these....Then again, I dont know math so maybe im wrong

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  15. it's funny when people talk about how "badass" they are over the internet. I don't care. You're a sick fuck smokealotty.
  16. I'm a badass too. One time I rang someones door bell and ran away MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... but then I felt bad so I went back and told them they had a nice home and I just thought they should know that.... but I'm still a badass from "big bag [insert city abbrev. here]"

  17. lmfao, thats fuckin great. Who does throw rocks at strangers in the park, especially when high... just chill... eat and chill... but don't throw rocks, I don't care where the fuck your from.

    peace, love and happy tokin'

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