R3B's "O"rganic multi 600W

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  1. Alright guys I know it's been done before but another 4x4x6 tent... 600W MH & HPS

    6" cool tube

    6" fan

    I have then in 5 gallon buckets right now but contemplating sip method ATM... Any input on this?

    I don't kno what else to say right now besides......
    1x white widow
    1x Mako haze
    1x pineapple express
    1x cheese

    I only have a pic of the mako & white widow more to come soon!

    Can't upload attachments for some reason...

    I'll upload and link tomorrow! How all is well blades!
  2. Here they are, 3 of the girls are in the SIPs....

    Pineapple express, Cheese, and Mako are happily transplanted into their new and final homes the SIPS.....

    Going to see what kind of excitment this will bring!

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  3. Neat! Very interesting, subbed brother.

    Good luck!
  4. What soil mix are you using if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Thanks man I appreciate the vibe!

  6. Have you added anything to the ocean forest?
  7. Water lol
  8. What did you line the walls and floor with? I'm currently setting up an indoor grow, its gonna be 5 foot tall 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. all the walls accept one are wood one is concrete along with the floor. I don't know what to use ^.>
  9. FFOF can use ALOT more perlite and some more lime, but in general its good stuff- wish they would hook it up with more perlite though!
  10. Honestly, I usually make my own mix, but I'm on a pinch and had these plants donated so I didn't have much time to do what I had to do. It was cheap at my hydro store, something like $11 or $12 a big bag.

    The plants responded very well to the SIP buckets, and perking up quite a bit. I left the White Widow (or White Russian) in the regular 5-gal and it doesn't look as healthy as the other 3. I'll see what happens

  11. shit wrong side of the quote up there..... ^^^^^^^ must be the dope....
  12. Ello errbody! Just poking in to let you guys know I topped the Mako to even the nodes, foliar fed the bitches straight pH'd water and things are looking very Green! I'd hope GC would have their picture ordeal situated so I could upload some of these pics I have but it doesn't seem to appreciate my uploading :)
  13. Heres da pic

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  14. Subbed man looking good!
  15. Thanks bro! Glad you could come chill, hope you get what you're comming for!
  16. Lookin good r3, I have been hearing alot about the sip lately, I'm gonna stick around and try to learn something.
  17. I took a pic of every girl individually for ya guys! hope you enjoy!

    You should be able to see the strain on each, the only one you might not is the White Widow.:D:wave:

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    Both Sativas are 21"....

    and the cheese is a hearty 16.... flower time.
  19. Not a bad problem to have man, I hope you have a training program ready.
  20. Pair of scissors and lots of string.... hehehe :) bondage timeeeeee:hello:

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