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  1. Alright hopefully I can make this short.... I have a decent enough room to do whatever... but what I want is just 3 plants or so to keep track of because I don't want to get too overwhelmed. I just read about 10 articles about CFM lighting just the cost ordeal... I'm probably interested in CFM lights just where do I get them and the reflector shades....

    Actually... Lets start with this... For the Very basic setup, what kind of lights, soil, and equipment would I need for a simple 3 - 4 plant (up to 6)setup?! (And overall price)

    Sorry I'm such a n00b but Just simple questions to get me started.
  2. Im not that far ahead of you, but flourescents is all you will need for a good long while, im working on day 4, I have 1 sprout that broke soil 3 days ago, and one just broke soil this morning and is almost as big as the oldest one. This is the best true advice I can give at the moment, but keep in mind im only about a week into my first grow, but its been sufficent enough, and all I have needed is a plug in socket with a power strip.

    -I went to Dome Hepot and got a PLUG IN overhead, 4 foot fixture to house TWO flouresecent tubes, very important, it comes with chains to raise and lower

    -I baught the tubes seperatly and canned the stock ones, The ones I got have different light spectrums, ione 2400K and one 5000K, one for Vegging, One for Budding (Wont need to worry about it for awhile, but its good to mix and match)

    -be sure to keep these light as close as you possible can to your pots.

    -I used a jiffy container baught at wal mart to start my sprouts, keep them in a small dixie cup or something as a pot

    -my friend brought up some 15 watt natural sunlight flourescent bulbs and I ended up using them on the sides of the room.

    -You will need a Compact Flourescent bulb to go further, maybe even several. Which I dont have yet but need to invest in. keep that light as close to your sprouts because its doing most the job. ( I also baught the light bulb and fixture at home depot...I mean Dome hepot

    -To conceal the light in my closet, I baught 2 space blankets from wal mart, and it reflects and conceals the light in your box, definitally get this, or if you can Mylar (would work better)

    I hope I could get you started, this is all you will need for awhile, but if you have any questions ill be happy to anwser, to the best of my abilities, im sure other people will know more than me though
  3. Well I appreciate the help, I guess I'll look for a basic fluro setup to start and supplement with CFL's..... seems pretty cost effective, I figured I could probably find a lot of the stuff I need at a store for reptiles.. (temp gauge, housings for lights etc.)

    I think tomorrow I'm waking up to go buy some stuff... I'll see what I have going on.
  4. So I just transplanted 2 seeds to 2 seperat SOLO cups, in some Organic soild at a PH of roughly 6.5.... I have one of those stupid green caplet Ph testers, but so far so good, they look like they are sweating a little in there but every 8 hours or so I open them up and give them some fresh air....

    I have about 6-10 more seeds that are shooting taproots, maybe I'll grow a few more just so I can pull the females, hopefully they are all females then I can give away all the rest... I honestly just want to baby 2 plants....

    It's just bagseed, but looking at the forums last night I came along some surprising Bag seed grows....

    I still haven't got any CFL's or the housing... I seen some at the store... will the "RED" and "YELLOW" CFL's work, or should I just find the CFL's that have the red tint..
  5. Okay I am new as well but spent much time going over and my grow is going great

    What I did was this.

    Germinate seeds
    fill solo cups 1 inch below rim
    water thorough
    cut holes in bottom
    plant seeds roughly 1/4inch down
    place a sandwich bag over each one, or use a humidity dome.
    Once they sprout remove bag and place under lights.
    Do not water for a while, If needed lightly spray them but do not pour water on them within the first week.

    Walmart has a Flouro unit that houses 2x32wattx4ft flouro tubes. By at least two now but count on getting one more over the next week. they are $15 for the unit and $10 for a two pack of bulbs. Get the ones that say daylight or have 6500k spectrum

    Keep air fresh and plants happy.
    Do not use nutes for 3 to 3 1/2 weeks into grow.

    Keep lights within 2-4 inches of plant.

    You will need a thermostat. Again walmart has em for 6 bucks and measures humidity. Keep temp at 77-83

    Hope this helps if you have any questions just ask.
  6. Red and yellow colored bulbs are not what you need. Start your plants with 27w daylight cfl bulbs. 5000K to 6500K are the range you're looking for. The light is so "white" it looks blue.

    You can use clamp light reflectors for the bulbs. The medium sized ones are perfect, 6" I think. You can get two bulbs and two reflectors for maybe $20 total, maybe a little less, and that will be good enough until they are 3 inches or so tall. Then you should get another bulb and reflector for each one until they are 6 inches or so tall.

    Then you go out and get another reflector and two 42w soft white bulbs per plant from Target or Walmart, or online. Use two 42w soft white bulbs and one 27w daylight bulb on each plant through flowering and you'll be satisfied with the results. Aim for a plant that is 16 inches to 20 inches tall.

    Now, if you're doing 3 plants you need total:
    Nine reflectors $45
    Six 27w daylight bulbs $25
    Six 42w soft white bulbs $48

    Which is already a pretty big investment for some really minimal lighting.

    So... you can try to do it a bit better. 250w and 400w switchable MH/HPS systems can be had for another $60 to $100. T5 lighting systems as well.

    Start with just the first set of bulbs and reflectors. Then save your money over the course of the month... like $80 a week, and then "splurge" on an hid system with some ventilation.
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    I asked my dad, and he gave me 2- 24" Fluro setups with 2 expensive lights used for fish... the bulbs say Full spectrum one is 6000k and the other is 6500k....

    He also said my uncle has a HPS just laying around.... So I can probably score that for free....

    The only problem I have now is... well are white shower curtains fine for "white wall" setup?! I was just going to build a frame and staple white curtains to the frame so I can have "white walls" without it being so heavy, and making multiple sections that I can just take off or put on as needed, since I will be using the fluros, they will just sit on the top of the frame...

    Pics of "Penelope" and the "gang"

  8. hps for free.:hello: now your growin. you can use the hps to veg and flower.
  9. I couldn't agree more....

    anyone know what bulb or bulbs I should get?!

    I know to flower ou need the Redder/Yellow Light spectrum probably 2700k ish range...

    just a 6000k for veg right?! anyone know where I can get bulbs and around how much do they cost?
  10. If the HPS is 400 watts HPS get a Phillips ceramic metal halide bulb. You could also consider a SunMaster or Hortilux HPS bulb for flowering.
  11. Here's a picture of my growing star Penelope (10a.m.) roughly 24-hrs before this is when I woke up and seen my first picture.

  12. Well tonight and from now on it will be under artificial light... I have 4 plants under 2 Fluros one is a 6000k and the other is a 50% 6500k 50%7100k. I'm going 24/7 at around 4 or 5 inches above the cup.. I'll post pics when I go back down there....
  13. Well we're on to day 3.... Penelope is looking Strong.

    While one of mine has died, 4 more have sprouted... so I have 6ish or so plants sitting under fluros....

    I'm only keeping 3 or 4 the rest will be given to a buddy, but so far Penelope and this little guy looks the best.

  14. Why is it i'm so excited to see these little Fuggers grow!? I def check on the every 4 hours or so.... I'm going to practice by not going to look at them for 24 hours... I don't know if I can hold back the urge....

    Until 10pm est.. I guess I wont be posting pics :p
  15. Have another question... When transplanting these girls to a new pot, what size should I be using?! I'm going to go for a 4ft ish plant.... am I going to need a 5 gallon bucket or will smaller sized pots work?!

    I'm working with space of 4ft 4in wide x 3ft deep x roughly 5ft tall
  16. the plant will only grow as big as the pot lets it...if you want full sized plants with max yield use big pots. i put mine in 5 gal pots when they are turned to flower. i veg 8 weeks under a 200w cfl and flower 8 weeks under a 250 hps.
  17. How tall are your plants?!
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    the one going to flower tomorow is just about 30" i expect to see 5 feet ...this strain goes 6 feet outdoors.

    i have 3 more on thier last day in the rooting cabinet. they go under the vegging light for the next 8 wweks. they are about 6" now.

    i have my sytrem set up in 3 cabinets. rooting, vegging and the bud box. i run an 18 week grow but with the 3 cabinets i get freash bud every 8 weeks. setting this up was expensive, took 5 months and it better produce like i expect it to...my wife has threatened to crush my nuts in a vice if i dont stop spending money.
  19. I could imagine hahaha... I guess I'll use 4x5gal buckets for my top 4 and give the rest away...
  20. [​IMG]

    They look good I think.

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