r u any good at math?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by barnaby_wylde, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. i need to know how much water/feed in litres i can get in a tank thats 24inch long, 16inch wide, with a safe fill hight of about 10inch. 24x16x10.

    also if u cud tell me how u work it out id be gr8full. i tryed but i think my math is a bit out cus it said i cud fit the north sea in it, it dont look big enough for that.
  2. that's a hard one for all us stoners....lol....damn you for frying my brain at this time....lol....o.k. here's my guess!


    384x10=3840 cubic inches.......now how the hell you're going to convert that to ml is beyond me.....you'd have to find something that's like an inch cubed and measure how many ml it takes to fill it........or test fill the tank....do you own the tank or thinking of buying it??........Peace out.....Sid
  3. i own it, in fact i own 14 of them and it aint a tank yet its a tote box with 6 drain holes in the bottom. i can plazi weld them up easy enough or use pond liner to waterproof it. but b4 i do all that shit i wanna know if its gonna b big enough.

    the last tank i had was glassfibre and its had a few bangs while its bin in storgage. all its good 4 now is straining me veg 4 sunday dinner cus it leaks like a siv.

    that was part of a kit and as its shaged im thinking of building an even bigger system but the tote box aint quite as big.

    i cud use 2 but that means twice the welding and 2 lots of feed to mix.
  4. A square foot of water is about 12 liters, I'd guess and say you need 24liters.

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