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  1. So I'm thinking about getting a Ro water filter but first it thought might take some advice from people with experience with these things.

    First! Would it be worth it? My tap waters ppm is ruffly 75-80.
    Second. Wich filter would u recommend? Price doesntmatter as long as it's worth the money.

    Let me know what ur thoughts are!

  2. 75 ppm is relatively clean water and would be fine to use as is for your grow.
    The hardness of the water is what you want to dial in so your nutes are working well
    In conjunction with the ph.

    After trying various systems over time I found the best choice
    for myself was to select and build one here on this site.

    Build Your Own RO System - English

    Takes you step by step, very good pricing, my last one i did was a 4 stage
    System with pres. gauge and extra filter cleaner for $160 delivered.
    Brings my tap water down from 120ppm to 0.

    Well worth looking into.
  3. Man are you lucky.

    "Price doesn't matter" and you don't need one.
  4. I have something similar to this:

    If you decide to buy one, its good to consider some of the features.
    Important features, for me, are the auto-shut-off adapter, and the flush kit. The auto shut off adapter will allow you to use a float valve so your unit can run top-offs without flooding. (it will shut the unit on and off as needed). The flush kit is important to run every so often to flush out the dirty side of your RO membrane. In addition, I bought parts to plumb the drain into my undersink drain, and the metal adapter for the water feed to the RO unit that shipped with my unit was garbage. I bought a plastic one with a shut-off valve for $15 and hasn't leaked in the past 3 years I've had it.

  5. wow thanx for all the helpful info erbody!:D
    i thought hardeness was the ppm:confused:
    could someone please explain that a little better to me? thanx!

    haha price doesnt matter because i just wanna do it right.

    thanx again everyone!
  6. I was going to buy one, but decided it would be better to set up a rain barrel instead. So for roughly $100 I get about 60 gallons of clean water at least once a week. It rains a lot here.
  7. Have you measured the ppm?

    If it is run off (like from a roof), you may be surprised.
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    We just had a good rain last night that filled my barrel. I filled up all of my containers and did a test of the water.

    Yes, my rain barrel collects runoff from my roof.

    EC= 0.051 (25.5 or 35.7 ppm if you don't know the EC conversion)

    I honestly don't think that's all that bad considering my Tap water is .452 (226 or 316.4 ppm)

    True that it is not a flat zero that you get from distilled or R/O water, but it's pretty darn close.
  9. That is very good.

    Most roof runoff has a lot of crap in it.
  10. that is really good... must have a clean roof:hello: haha
    good idea too but here theres rain maby like once every coupla months...

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